How to Benefy your Hen Party: Guest blog from the fabulous Cat Goulbourne from HenHeaven.co.uk

Matching your make-up personality to your hen party…


Like Benefit cosmetics, we at HenHeaven.co.uk are big fans of individualism.  After all, no two people are the same, so why should your look be? Let alone your hen party! So as I was playing around with my make-up one day I had an interesting thought, what if you could match your make-up personality to your hen party? Admittedly this won’t be an exact science but neither are horoscopes but that doesn’t stop us from reading them (certainly doesn’t stop me anyway!)

So just as a bit of fun, I’ve come up with hen do suggestions based on different types of Benebabes and their various types of “make-up personalities.” Enjoy!

It’s about prime! for Mojitos – Cocktail making

Cocktail making – you learn a new skill and you get to drink the rewards! What’s not to love? Well make-up meltdown for one thing (that and a weak Cosmopolitan.) So for ladies who love to toast life and all its fun-filled moments, cocktail making is a great way to shake and stir things up during a night out with the girls. Just make sure you’ve put on some primer beforehand: after all, it’s always best if your make-up lasts longer than you do on a night out!

It's about prime

Blushing Sugarbomb – Adonis Cabaret

Are you really embarrassed or is that just your blusher? Either way, we’re secretly convinced that not all ladies who apply on blush are demure dandelions! So for those of you who love to keep things flirty and fun, we suggest a cheeky (literally!) evening of cabaret.  Perfectly innocent but raucously good fun, this hen party activity will have you and your girls gawping and giggling yourselves silly.


Smokey eyed BADgal – Burlesque Lessons

This one is for Benebabes are who are confident and aren’t afraid to show it! Big volumised lashes and smouldering smoky eyes go hand in hand with the sexy, playful art form that is burlesque. Learn how to move and shimmy from a professional dancer who’ll teach you and your friends all manner of diabolic moves. Flutter your full lashes, master a sexy sway and prepare to gain plentyof admirers using your new moves!

Smokin eye

Some kind-a gorgeous pampering – Spa Break

Rest and relaxation, if this doesn’t sound appealing to you then you’ve obviously never been to a spa before. Imagine, a deep back massage, lounging in the sauna, and La stone treatment… Getting pampered and spoilt during a girly weekend is by far one of the best ways to spend time with your friends. Plus once you’re done with your treatments, you’ll most likely want to enhance that new goddess glowing skin. Just apply a light layer of some kind-a gorgeous and dusting of hoola and you’re ready to go!


Which “make-up hen personality” are you?

This guest post was written by Cat Goulbourne, Online Marketing Editor at HenHeaven.co.uk. When she’s not working, you can find her tweeting as @catgoulbourne or writing on her personal blog.

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