Nice to meet you…Lisa

Benebabes, meet Lisa.  Head makeup, trend artist and brow expert, Lisa leads the Benefit team at London Fashion week, Besitival,and lots lots more. Working with the top magazines to build the Benefit buzz and when Lisa isn’t  beautifying key celebs and fashion royalty she is chatting with beauty editors about our latest and greatest products!  Lisa has a wicked style and you’ll often find her sporting vintage louboutins and a signature top knot! Although a very busy lady, I managed to grab a quick minute to get the inside scoop on her beauty faves and inspirations. Check it out!

My favourite Benefit product is…

Browzings They’re Real Bella Bamba

The thing I’m most inspired by is…

I’m most inspired by my husband, Theo, he’s my hero-every day he inspires me to be the best person I can be.

Lisa 2

The five things I love/can’t live without…

 Ok I really couldn’t get this down to 5-so I changed it to “8 things I love (ha)! In no particular order…

Theo (obvs)

My dog – Snoopy-OMG I love that little pup! I’m sure you’ve come to realise this if you follow me on Instagram!!

Lisa 4

My friends and family-you are only as great as the people you surround yourself with.

My dressing up room -I collect vintage ballgowns and have 192 pairs of shoes! I LOVE that room!! I love fashion and beauty and this is my little slice of heaven!

Lisa 5

Music- Music means a lot to me, there’s ALWAYS music playing in our house. Music inspires me and motivates me; there’s nothing better than putting on a good tune and dancing like a lunatic!!

Makeup-makeup is my life! I live and breathe it! I love the way make up can make you feel! Make up is all about enhancing your natural beauty and feeling beautiful is a wonderful thing.

Food – Gawddd I love good food! I could list a lot of items-but I def couldn’t like without cheese!! Dorstone Goats cheese from Neals Yard cheese shop is my fave!

Starbucks- Oh my! I am a Starbucks addict-1 a day keeps the doctor away hey?!! Grande skinny caramel macchiato extra hot is the ONE!!

My first Benefit product was…

My first Benefit product was High Beam. My best friend Rosie introduced it to me about 12 years ago! Who would have known then what job I’d be doing now hey!?

My favorite place in London…

My fave place in London is Bushy park. Theo and I used to go on picnic dates there when we first met. Its such a gorgeous park, I go there nearly every day to walk Snoopy. Ooo and Usain Bolt trains there! #justsaying

The color wheel: My favourite color is…

My fave colour is green, the colour of my eyes.

My makeup trend I regret the most from when I was younger is…

I don’t regret any make up trends as makeup is an expression of you at that time. One of the trends I remember is Heather shimmer lipstick!! Oohh yes! If you were a teenager in the 90s I guarantee this was a staple in your make up bag! Why oh why I’ll never know!!

If I could live any other place I’d live in…

Australia! Its the most magical country.

My favorite Benefit moment….

There’s just so many! I think the moment that made me think-wow, this is the best job in the world, was when I did Chaka khans make up at LoveBox last year! What a legend!

Thanks for sharing Lisa! A true Benebabe!


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