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In true Benefit fashion, we did not follow the others, instead thinking long and hard about choosing a charity that raises awareness for a cause that we really care about, one that resonates with our brand & customers…in the end, Refuge was the perfect match. Refuge is committed to a world where domestic violence is not tolerated and where women and children can live in safety.They aim to empower women and children to rebuild their lives, free from violence and fear. Since 1971, Refuge has led the campaign against domestic violence. They have grown to become the country’s largest single provider of specialist domestic violence services. On any given day we support over 2,000 women and children.

 “UK’s three largest women’s charities—including Refuge—have a combined annual income of £17m. In contrast, the Donkey Sanctuary received £20m in 2006.” Hard Knock Life report, published by New Philantrophy Capital, April 2008.

With this in mind, we are committed to support refuge as much as possible to make a difference for women in need.



Why Refuge is here:

·         One woman in four experiences domestic violence at some point in her life

·         Two women are killed by a current or former partner every week in England     and Wales

·         On average a woman will be assaulted by her partner or ex partner 35 times before reporting it to the police

·         In 90% of domestic violence incidents in family households, children are in the same or next room

·         Two thirdS of our refuge residents are children under the age of 14

·         Thirty women a day attempt suicide to escape domestic violence

·         The police receive a domestic violence related call every 60 seconds

On any given day Refuge’s services support over 1,600 women and children. These life-saving and life-changing services include emergency accommodation for women and children fleeing domestic violence, support for women in the community, independent advocacy which provides expert guidance for women going through the legal system and need help to stay safe as well as specialists services for children and around 320 women get turned away from refuges on a daily basis because there isn’t enough bed space available.

What we’ve done? 



To raise awareness and money for Refuge, national domestic violence charity for women and children, make-up brand Benefit organised a charity run from Scotland to London! The run took place from 15th – 29th June 2012 and started in Edinburgh with stops made at Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Oxford culminating in Spitalfields London. The total amount raised is £71,603 and it’s still coming in!

(Left to right: Caroline Flack in Edinburgh, Group photo in London, Donna Air in Newcastle, Jorgie Porter in Manchester, Alison Hammond in Birmingham, Zoe Salmon in Cardiff, Bianca & Sheryl Gascoigne in Oxford, Caroline & Lauren Laverne at the Final in Spitalfields)

(Left to right: Caroline Flack in Edinburgh, Group photo in London, Donna Air in Newcastle, Jorgie Porter in Manchester, Alison Hammond in Birmingham, Zoe Salmon in Cardiff, Bianca & Sheryl Gascoigne in Oxford, Caroline & Lauren Laverne at the Final in Spitalfields)

Caroline Flack and Lauren Laverne completed the finale leg of the campaign in London by running the last 2 miles. Lauren Laverne, Refuge ambassador commented on the campaign;

“I was delighted to take part in the finale 2 miles of the Refuge and Benefit Mascarathon event. I’m thrilled that over 300 women have signed up to take part in this 500 mile event. I’m really proud to be an ambassador for Refuge – it’s a charity that saves lives and changes the lives of women and children for the better. When I completed my two miles I thought about the two women who are killed because of domestic violence in this country every week. That disgusting statistic is why Refuge’s work is so important!”


Along the way there were a range of consumer areas for runners and friends to visit including make-upper stations and sample giveaways, a makeup fan’s dream! To add a touch of Benefit’s sense of fun there was a mascara ‘baton’ that was passed from runner to runner (who ran 2 miles each) running from city to city.


Benefit’s Managing Director Ian Marshall and General Manager Gail Bojarski have stated in regards to their involvement:


“We chose Refuge as our charity of choice, because we felt it was both a deserving and under recognized cause. Benefit is all about empowering women to feel better about themselves, so there are a lot of synergies. During the course of the Mascarathon, we have simply been blown away by the passion with which the whole benefit ‘family’ has embraced the event. Our mission, which was to raise a significant sum of money…..and, JUST as importantly; awareness of Refuge, has been well and truly accomplished.”


Lisa King, director of communications and fundraising at Refuge, national domestic violence charity said:


“Refuge has been overwhelmed by the amazing support we have received from the UK-wide Benefit team. Never before has Refuge been able to reach out to and meet face-to-face so many women during such a short time over the course of the relay. Sharing vital domestic violence support information with over 1,500 women is a huge achievement and as a result women felt able to open up and share their stories, many for the first time. It is thanks to the limitless energy and passion of the Benefit team that they became ambassadors to Refuge and the cause of domestic violence. The Benefit teams will have positively saved lives and changed lives – something no one can put a price on. The staggering £71,603 raised so far will go a long way to helping Refuge protect its base of specialist domestic violence services and grow new ones – and in a climate when funding is being cut back and under threat we need this support more than ever. Refuge feels very proud to have been supported by Benefit. It has been a wonderfully experience and one that Refuge will remember and treasure forever. Thank you to all who got involved – you’ll never know the full extent of the difference you will have made.”

VIRGIN LONDON MARATHON 2013 #runforrefuge 

We supported Refuge further this year with our fabulous training manager Beth Stonely running the Virgin London Marathon. We also encouraged  Facebook fans to get involved to run for refuge at the Brighton Marathon and London Marathon. Beth raised a total of £3,563 for Refuge Charity and Benefit Cosmetics is honoured to supported such a worthwhile cause.



Future plans…

We will continue in 2013 to support Refuge and all the hard work they do for women and children; to help rebuild their lives, free from violence and fear. It is a honor for the team at Benefit UK to be part of such a great charity!

We have lots of exciting events coming this year! So stay tuned!

Until next time,

Glam Squad


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