My job is so ‘Benefit’

I’ll say one thing, life at Benefit is never dull. As part of our job, Annie and I present new products to beauty editors and bloggers. Recently, we were doing just that in our new Soho NYC boutique.

I can’t spill the beans about what new product we were presenting but I can show you what we looked like during the presentation…

I’ve ‘pinked out’ the secret product info 🙂

This. Is. Not. Normal

But it’s also what I love about my job and about Benefit. I got to dress up like a crazy-mad-Benefit- rocket scientist to present a very important, game changer type of product to top Beauty editors. We bring the fun…always!!

I also got to play with dry ice which is just about the coolest stuff ever.

Golden Girls meets mad scientist meets Benefit

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