Soaring to success!

Our passport scheme is unlike any other!  Although we can’t fly each individual to San Francisco, we can offer you the training and support to fly up the ladder within the Company!  Whether you are an aspiring star on our Counter or in the Field, we can help develop you into more senior positions or into other areas of the Business!

All passport & AL

Recently we held our first Beauty Consultant to Account Manager Passport Party, with all our high flyers visiting Benetowers for the day!  With a travel theme (complete with Air Hostesses’!) our teams experienced further training to help them develop into other roles, as well as meeting all our Head Office teams to understand how the whole Company works together.


Over the coming months we will be covering more Passport parties and events, as well as celebrating successes as our Benebabes grow into more senior positions!  Stay tuned!

North BA to ACM

Until next time,

Glam Squad xx


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