Here comes…the wedding


It’s wedding season and we wanted to give everyone a little inspiration from those in know! We asked our fabulous head office gals for a sneak peak into their big day… and of course their key wedding tips and tricks.

Meet Laura, our Training Coordinator:


We got married in September 2011 at Quendon Hall, in Bishops Stortford which is a beautiful listed mansion set in a beautiful deer park. Our colour scheme was deep purple (my favourite colour) and our theme was vintage shabby chic and birdcages featured heavily!

I don’t wear a lot of make-up usually so I didn’t want to feel caked on my wedding day, but knew I would need to wear a little more than normal to stand out in pictures! The benefit products I used on my big day were: hoola, posietint (on my cheeks), high beam, brow zings and benetint (on my lips), and the pocket-pal was a godsend on the day as it meant I could keep the stain and gloss on my lips topped up whenever I needed it!

My top makeup tips! Definitely use a lip stain. With all the kissing and smiling it really helps to know your lips will look perfect without having to reapply a colour every 5 mins! And for your own sanity, just RELAX! There is nothing that will happen that is worth stressing out over and ruining your day for – you only get one shot at it so enjoy it, it flies by so fast and remember, you are marrying the man (or woman) of your dreams and at the end of the day – that is ALL that matters!

My most memorable  moment – I couldn’t pick one specific moment as my most memorable as I loved the WHOLE day from start to finish. I would say however my worst moment was when my hoop caved in under my dress as I walked down the aisle and almost tripped me over!

Meet Becky, our Web Designer:


The style of the wedding and the day was a classic British summer fair (bunting, dusky pink and black, roses) To create my makeup look  I chose Laugh we me Lee Lee fragrance and only wear this now on special occasions to remind me of my day! high beam to give the healthy “I DO “ GLOW

Sneaky tip & trick:

Give the Mum in law and Mum one main task for them to get on with.

Most memorable wedding moment!

The Mr & Mrs Quiz at reception to reflect the table names. (they let me lose on a microphone to say the answers – eek!) Tombola! And my friend falling off her chair after too much vodka that she won form the tombola during the speeches!

Meet Emily, our Senior Account Manager!


Our wedding was vintage and romantic, the makeup incorporated: they’re real, POREfessional, stay don’t stray, peek-a-bright eyes, dandelion gloss, magic ink, hello flawless oxygen wow honey, hello flawless powder, hoola, high Beam, watts up, browzings, speed brow.

Any tips or tricks you would recommend brides-to-be?

  1. Use stay don’t stray as a base, it keeps everything in place!!
  2. Use high beam on your décolletage, so you’re glowing in all your pictures.
  3. Put hello flawless oxygen wow on the tops of your ears, if they go red nobody will know!
  4. Save money on a make up artist by going and seeing one of the benebabes at the benefit counter to teach you how to do it yourself, then you can look radiant every day!
  5. Stay calm, have fun, enjoy it.

Most memorable moment? Marrying my lovely husband and saying I do! Also 4 days before the wedding, practicing spinning in my dress in my living room (yes my neighbors think I’m odd) and putting my heals through the dress and making a massive hole!!!

Meet Nina, our Director of First Impressions. 

nina wedding 2

 My theme was gold stars, as I believe all my friends are stars and a party theme with live entertainment all day and night.  I used all Benefit products and was very lucky to have one of our Trend Artists do it for me on the day!

Any tips or tricks you would recommend brides-to-be?  Go natural with a heavy coverage.  The perfect bride should be blushing.

Most memorable wedding moment? Too many to mention, but seeing friends of old was fantastic, it was a bit like a Butlins Redcoat reunion too.

Meet Naomi, our Accounts Payable Coordinator:


I had an Elvis Wedding in a chapel in Las Vegas, my wedding look incorporated POREfessional mixed with girl meets pearl, hello flawless oxygen wow, they’re real, hervana

Any tips or tricks you would recommend brides-to-be?  Have the wedding that you want, it’s not about impressing other people but doing what’s going to make you both happy. Oh, and if you can, invite Elvis!

Most memorable wedding moment? Having Elvis walk me down the aisle as he sang ‘I can’t Help Falling in Love With You’

Hope you’ll got lots of inspiration from our fabulous Brides! Good luck for the big day!

Until next,

Glam Squad


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