Stay Flawless for 15hrs with Lisa Potter-Dixon

Hey guys,

It’s Lisa here, Head Make up & Trend Artist & Brow Expert for Benefit. So my job is super busy! It changes from day to day. One day I might be doing a photoshoot, the next day I might be on QVC! So, when I heard that we were bringing out a primer that could keep my makeup In place for up to 15 hours, I almost wept with joy!

Of course, I wanted to put this little beaut to the test so this is how the ‘stay flawless 15 hour challenge’ came about! So, last weekend, I headed up the team for the White Gallery bridal show. Now, you have to trust me when I say that this 2 day show is CRAZY!! 8 shows in 2 days! Phew! The perfect time to prime! As there’s no time for me to re-apply my makeup!
So below, is my stay flawless diary of pics to show how my makeup stayed put from 6am-9pm with absolutely no touch ups!

6:00am: Started the day with a full face of makeup: First I applied stay flawless in circular motions onto the face (this activates the makeup magnet formula) then applied hello flawless oxygen wowwith a foundation brush. I added a sweep of my favorite bella bamba, a spot of bella bamba on the lips and lashings of they’re real, not forgetting to frame the face by applying brow-zings to perfectly define the brows. Let my stressful 12-hour day commence!

image (1)

11:00am: Still busy beautifying behind the scenes at a catwalk shoot, so many models so little time. I’m still smiling as my makeup is still surprisingly flawless!

image (4)

1pm: Time for a little lunch time work out, can’t fit it in any-other time of the day!

image (9)

image (10)

1pm: Time for a little lunch time work out, can’t fit it in any-other time of the day!

image (5)

3pm: Getting nostalgic by the wedding dresses while working up a sweat helping with the model fittings. Busy busy backstage!

image (6)

4pm: Still feeling and looking flawless… can this really be working? I think so!

image (7)

9pm:  Home sweet home after a stressful day and pleasantly surprised by my makeup! stay flawless has kept my makeup stay-put for a full 12hour day of hectic press shots, catwalk shows and fittings and all I can say is I am happy! Yessss!!

Remember to #stayflawless!


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