Festival Tips & Tricks: From tent to tantalising in 3 steps

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The festival season is well and truly underway, with the fashion pack certainly setting the bar in style at Coachella; now with British summer time and Glastonbury & Bestival coming soon we thought it vital to give you a quick and easy look that you can apply quickly, to get you looking a feeling fab. Go from tent to tantalising in 3 easy steps!


Step 1. fakeup

Apply fakeup in a low ‘v’ shape under the eye area and blend in with your ring finger in light circular motions. This will also stimulate the blood flow around the eye area to help eradicate  puffy eyes.
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Step 2. hoola

Sweep hoola across chin, cheeks, and forehead with accompanying brush. To contour, use with our blush brush. ** Beauty tip Apply hoola over benetint for bronzed cheekbones with a hint of rose tint. Always tap off excess powder to avoid applying too much colour. You’re skin will be revitalised and bronzed, no matter what the weather!

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Step 3: They’re real

Add a generous coating of they’re real! Remember to go vertical and get those little lashes to add maximum volume and fabulous drama. Hello wide awake eyes.

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There you have your fabulous 3 steps with our  fabulous 3 products! Grin and wear it benebabes!

Until next time,

Glam squad xx

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