Ian Marshall stands up for Refuge

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10 girls were asked whether they would prefer me to: –
a) Stand on stage naked or b) Do ‘Stand Up’ comedy
All 10 chose the first, ‘all revealing’ option……
Of course, I can claim I was bullied and cajoled, coaxed and sweet talked into doing it…and all of that is true; but I have to admit, there is just a little bit of me that wanted to place myself in a position of unadulterated fear and see whether I would crack it or crap it!
SO here’s where I am right now;
• Just Giving Page? tick, raise LOADS of dosh? – tick (sponsorship continuing to roll in by the day), ensure there’s a group of enthusiastic friends and benefit fam coming? Tick…… Write a side splitting routine? Mmmmmmm…….well…
• I have had a couple of excellent coaching sessions from our very own ‘in house’; sassy, smart and extremely FUNNY comedian, Gabby Best.  If I’m funny, it’s usually through spontaneity and/or anecdotes that can wander off in any direction they care to take…this is different……I have had to take my ideas and scribblings….roughly 30-40 mins of ‘stuff’….and squeeze it all down to a pithy 5mins or so…THAT’S TOUGH!
Watch this space…
Managing Director Benefit Cosmetics UK

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