Heather Watson: 2 Weeks till Wimbledon!

It’s two weeks until I hit the court at Wimbledon and I am so excited and can not wait to play in front on the home crowd now.  I won yesterdays match in Birmingham which has filled me with confidence and adrenaline ready for the next match. I love tennis more and more with ever win! It’s a great to be able to stay fit and healthy while doing something I love!


As I am playing match after match over the next two weeks,  I try to maintain a regular fitness routine. I combine 20 minute runs to build up my stamina with short sprints to work on my agility. My mantra with tennis is (and always will be) ‘Legs, Legs and Legs!’ I make sure to do regular squats to strengthen the quads and work both sides of the body, as you can imagine, tennis can be very harsh on one side of the body.



My diet is really important in the up to a  match, I need to build up my strength.  I eat hearty meals and try to incorporate one of every food group, my meal before my winning match yesterday was: calf’s liver, spinach and potatoes. I felt really good after that, it gave me the right balance of energy while filling me up. Even though I have a fixed fitness programme, I have no superstitions before a match, I think I would psych myself out if I kept having to remember the same routine before a match, whatever happens happens, it’s all about preparation and looking &  feeling my best on court. In terms of looking good on court, my favorite makeup products to use would have to be:  hello flawless powder; it is fabulous to give an all-over coverage while under pressure, brow-zings; gives you natural looking groomed brows and finally Badgal mascara which never lets me down during the toughest of matches.

Capture 67

As I often have to run from the match to press a shoot, I love to have my Benefit makeup with me! My top products to have in my gym bag are hello flawless powder to create a flawless base in less than a minute , bella bamba for a healthy flush and little dab of dandelion ultra plush lipgloss 

Capture 6

After a hard day of matches and press conferences, I wind down by going back to the hotel, have a recovery shake a stretch and a ice bath – It’s not as bad as it sounds…honest! Then I love to watch TV! A great way to relax and escape ready for the next day!


Speak next week, only 1 week to go!  Bring on the strawberries and cream!

Heather xx


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