Brighton Fashion Week 2013: Introducing events coordinator Amy-Lou

Hi my name is Amy-Louise! And I am going to be heading up the make-up team backstage for Benefit Cosmetics at Brighton Fashion Week 2013. Benefit Cosmetics is so excited to be sponsoring the make-up for Brighton Fashion Week 2013, with so many fabulous designers in the line-up it will be a fashion feast for every fashionista!


We kick off the week with the Zeitgeist Show on the 13th June and then follow with Sustain “Sustain’ will unveil collections designed to test the boundaries of sustainable fashion as we know it” , Showreel a theatrical spectacle and is the first of its kind for BFW and the UK. We close the week on Sunday 16th June with a Homage to Hightstreet fashion where will be taking over Churchill square for The Highstreet Show. I will actually be presenting a Live Trend Make-up demo, Come along and show your support!


The Make-up for Brighton Fashion Week will capture everyone’s imagination, but easy to transfer from Catwalk to our Benefit beauty bars so be sure to visit our Benebabes  in-store in Debenhams and Boots in Brighton for your make-up update!

London Fashion Week

Our Bene-bus will be paying a visit to Brighton on Saturday 15th June for People’s Day In Jubilee Square! The Bene-bus is a vision of Pink! We are going to be waxing brows for Refuge, a charity (supporting women and children against domestic violence) we work very closely with!

So that’s all from me..for now! For all the backstage gossip and make-up tips follow me on Twitter @Amy_LouBenefit and @Benefit_UK_IRE

Love and Lipstick

Amy-Louise xx

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