Blogger Roadshow: #Stayflawless

What is your foundation dilemma? …that it won’t last all day? We hear you!

Step forward Benefit’s new primer stay flawless. With magnet locking ingredients to help your makeup work overtime.


Why we love it!

Flawless works overtime! Our instant PRO-long primer acts like a magnet to lock on your foundation for 15 fresh & flawless hours. This invisible stick primer glides directly onto skin for optimal wear and a natural-looking finish. Go longer. Stay flawless!



In celebration of this joyous invention we wanted to share it to the masses! We at Benefit HQ are not ones for keeping makeup secrets to ourselves, therefore we went on a UK tour all in the name of our new primer of course! Here is our tour diary.



(Left to right) Lauren: The new & fabulous assistant head makeup artist. Charlie: E-commerce manager & Lisa: Head makeup and trend artist.

* Southampton * Tuesday 28th May *

Our first stop Southampton. Meeting for a quick coffee lead to a mad dash for the train! In true bay watch style we ran through the crowds and along the platform, with little time to spare we were on train and filled a with a coffee fix ready for the day ahead. Who needs the gym! We worked through our brief and looked through the script, did you know Southampton was the home of the one and only R&B sensation Craig David? Yes it’s true. We arrived at Southampton station for 12noon for a little consumer competition. Lauren, ever the profession ensured everyone left the train safely, however, soon realized she was missing something rather important… her case! Lauren and case were safe and well you’ll be glad to know.

Cases all in hand we were ready to pose for our pics underneath the glittering lights of Southampton station. We waited for our lovely benebabes to come and say hello. Once we had demonstrated the true staying power of stay flawless to the people of Southampton station we were on to our next consumer competition, this being John Lewis in colbalt circus we were armed with treat and bene – delights  , we had one aim and one aim only make our fabulous consumers happy!


The event

After flowers and cushions where arranged, makeup stands beautified, lights on, mock tails prepared we were ready to go! Our fabulous bloggers all arrived on time and we quickly discussed what we loved about blogging and digital media. After a quick catch up and gossip, we kicked off with a little bit about the team, Lisa potter Dixon our head make and trend artist worked her magic with a demo, did we mention stay flawless lasts for up to 15 hours? We just can’t believe it!


After the demo we ensured everyone was colour matched for there perfect shade of hello flawless oxygen wow and tips & tricks were shared for best application techniques.

Top Lisa tip: Apply Stay flawless in circular motions then quickly apply foundation.


Then it was time for a quiz! As you know we at Benefit like to educate and we wanted to reward those who had worked hard to brush up on their bene-news! After a cheeky mock-tail the night drew to a close and what an evening it was…


After the break down and running on adrenaline only, we needed a little food! We opted for an amazing Jamaican restaurant called turtle bay recommend by a lovely ‘chap’ at the premier inn. It was a fabulous place full of ambiance and energy. We started with drinks; a little coconut water to re-hydrate and then food, the food was amazing! While chatting 5 glasses were brought over followed swiftly by a bottle of champagne! Turns out it was from the ‘chap’ from the premier inn. Chris. What a true gent. We never did get to say thank you!

Southampton was amazing! Thank you for everyone who came, helped and we met.


* Bristol * Wednesday 29th May *


Next step in our tour was Bristol. A University that educated the likes of Derran Brown…we of cause tried to bring just as much entertainment however, little illusion to the event.  Bristol meads station was our first stop for a little consumer competition meeting two new friends who were ready for 15 hours of flawless.

We hopped in a cap and explored the fabulous city! We wanted to treat the people of Bristol further, with yet more free products, so we popped in to see the lovely Benebabes of Harvey Nichols to give away some fabulous product to their lovely customers.

Now on to the event! Set in the fabulous living rooms, we made sure everything was prepped, primed and perfected for our fabulous guests.


Once arrived we treated our bloggers to a little juice on arrival and lovely canapés. The chocolate covered strawberries where definitely a hit! But enough about food, we were there for makeup, making sure everyone new about our fabulous primer, stay flawless.


It was lovely to meet the Bristol Bloggers!


* Dublin * Friday 31st May *

As it was the first visit for some of the English benebabes we were in ore of such a lovely and welcoming city. Lovely historic buildings, amazing atmosphere. What can we say we Love Dublin. The blogging event was held at uber cool bar 42 dawsons street, the room we were in had a 20’s Prohibition vibe. Think boardwalk! We greeted the bloggers to a little tipple while Mark showed his makeup expertise and the sheer staying power of stays lawless.  As well as exclusive gossip about the Dublin boutique. Shhhh top secret 😉  Until next time Dublin!


* Edinburgh * Friday 7th June* 


We were welcomed with fabulous sun! We held this event at cool Swedish bar Hemma;  a shabby chic heaven of delights. Once we’d moved all the mis-matched furniture into place we were ready to make the room into a Benefit wonderland. We had the fabulous bloggers arrive and treated them with pink fizz and canapés before Lisa got to work on her magnet & makeup demo and benefit gossip.

* London * Friday 10th June *


The night kicked off in the usual benefit style a little gossip about our fabulous makup of course. Lisa worked her magnetic magic and prepped primed and perfected with stayflawless!


Then it was on to the event of the year. The ICEBAR. What can we say we loved it! Drinking from ice cubes is now a necessity for us benebabes! We also tried to fit as many bloggers into an igloo as possible. We counted 8.


What a fabulous time we had! Make sure to stay flawless benebabes 🙂 xx

You can check more about our fabulous new primer here >>

Until next time,

Glam Squad xx


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