Heather Watson: 2 days to go!

Wimbledon starts Monday! I plan to practice lots, get plenty of sleep & eat well. My beauty regime will be; wake up, wash my face and slap some Benefit on. I do love my hello flawless oxygen wow foundation as it really lets my skin breath.

heather 6

As a treat, I recently got my nails done too which was a lovely luxury. I had complete trust in nail extraordinaire Micheal Doe, so let him create what he wanted. He is so creative! Check them out…


All of this help me to relax and calm me down in the build-up to Wimbledon. I used to get nervous however, now I just love to play and I love to play in front of a home crowd. My initial love for tennis started when I was very young and my dad spotted my talent. It was when I was 17 that I had to make the hard decision to continue on with my A-levels or dedicate my time to tennis.  Tennis it was! Tennis is what I love! It’s hard to think what I would be doing if I wasn’t playing now, perhaps something in fashion! Definitely something creative.

heather 3

This week has been pretty full on with matches however, it’s great practice and I learn a lot through each match.


heather 5

I often get asked who would be my dream opponent? I recently saw Michael McIntyre play for charity at the AEGON Championships at Queens Club, he was hilarious! I would love to have a match with him!

Really looking forward to Wimbledon, I had the Women Tennis Association’s party on Thursday which was so exciting. It was a good excuse to get dressed up. I had my makeup done by the Benefit Team. I felt amazing!

Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 19.38.34

Now it’s time to eat well, sleep more & play tennis, tennis & tennis. Wish me Luck #heather4benefit

Until Wimbledon ,

Heather x

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