Ian Marshall aka Mr. Benefit

Sooooooo…the BIG night went extraordinarily well.  An amazing turn out of friends and fam, (and Nina)…provided both the moral AND vocal support I needed. The audience was friendly and receptive to my extraordinary wit. (WHO said I was modest?), though clearly not quite ‘friendly & receptive’ enough – as I didn’t win…. (mental note to oneself – cross dressing and non-stop swearing are the way forward).


BUT, we know it wasn’t about the winning, (bitter & twisted cough, choke, splutter…), it was about the taking part, (that’s rubbish, I HATE losing!)… NO, it was about RAISING money and to that end, it was a 30 yard curler into the top corner of the net without the keeper moving a muscle! Of course, I’m not in any imminent danger of giving up the day job of ‘makeup’…comedy may have been a very enjoyable & sexy frisson full of flirtation, but Benefit is my wife!


A big thank you to my mentor the lovely Gabbi Best (Funny women awards winner for 2013)

Thanks for all the support!


Managing Director Benefit Cosmetics UK


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