Benefayre Birmingham welcomed the lovely Karis from Stooshe!


We were delighted to have the talented Karis from the girl group Stooshe, open our Benefayre in Birmingham! Not only was she as beautiful as we’d imagined, she was sweet, sincere, and excited to meet the Benefit team. After the grand opening of the Benefayre, we chatted about her popstar life with Stooshe and she opened up to us about her personal experience with domestic violence and her strong desire to help other women out there in similar situations, and how Refuge is there to support them.

What do you think of the Benefayre?

It’s lovely! I wish I’d brought more people! More people need to come! Raising money for charity and awareness but with beauty, which is perfect for me, is the perfect combination!




 What does Stooshe stand for?

‘Stooshe’ is Scotland means to cause havoc, but where we got the idea was from the word ‘Stoosh’ which in South London means a girl that is unapproachable. We wanted to change it up a but so we added the ‘she’.

What are you up to with the band?
We’re getting together an America plan, fingers crossed they take to us as much as the UK has! We’ve also been performing at festivals this summer and the weather is lovely this time of year. We’ve been doing quite a lot of regional festivals, as well as British Summertime Festival where we met JLo again. She’s amazing! We supported her tour earlier this year which was lovely! Also our new single is out, My Man Music, which I hope fans will love.

What’s your favourite Benefit  product?
I use POREfessional. I have big pores do that is amazing for my skin, and they’re real mascara, it’s the best! And hope to use a lot more Benefit products from my goodie bag from the benebabes.


Why did you agree to support Refuge?
From 15-21 I was in a domestic violent relationship. When you are in that situation you feel like nobody understands you, that you are alone. I thought that was normal, that that’s what a normal relationship was. But when I saw the damage it was causing to my family, my brother crying in front of me, I knew it had to stop. I want to raise awareness that there are places where people can go to get help. Women need to know that they are not alone. I wasn’t lucky enough to know about Refuge at the time.

How did you take steps to change the situation?
I got an injunction. I would call the police but I would be too scared that if it recurred it would be worse. Seeing it affect my family I went to a family justice centre and that gave me the strength that made me walk away. Hearing other people stores made me feel fortunate; that I could get through it.

How did you start Stooshe?
I was 17 or 18 and it was my last year if college, I was in The BRIT school and they identified talent in me. They had faith in me but I wasn’t attending because of my situation, so they had no choice but to let me go. I didn’t give them another option. Then when I was 21 my manager Jo has this vision to form a girl group. She asked me to join and then she found the other girls who were shopping in TopShop at the time, and it all went from there! I never thought that this could be a career, doing something that you love!  I love the girls, they are like my sisters. They know everything that I have been through and I can’t imagine doing it without them.

Thank you to the fabulous Karis for joining the team at Benefayre Birmingham!

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