Welcome to the team at Debenhams Clapham!


Benefit is excited to announce that we have combined our high street boutique concept within a Debenhams department store, to bring you a one-stop beauty shop that’s sure to solve all your beauty dilemmas!

Debenhams Clapham Junction will be opening 15th August 2013 and we would LOVE to introduce you to the fabulous team:



Why I love working for Benefit? Because I love making people happy! I can be myself and have fun everyday with my team and customers… I get to play with make up everyday!!

Fun Fact: I am an 80’s freak at heart! I love nothing more than dancing away to girls just wanna have fun‘ in my neon pink high heels and tutu!!!



Why I  love working for Benefit? It was my dream to work for Benefit because I love every single product of the company. #obsessed

Fun fact: Every single night when I go to bed my dreams always have a Benefit product in them!


Why I love working for Benefit? Because I love the way everyone is happy, having a good time, and I am able to express myself within the best brand EVER!!

Fun fact: I am an adrenaline junkie! “hey I am going to jump of the side of a huge building…… just because I can



Why I  love working for Benefit? Because the brand brings fun, flare, passion, creativity and personality to makeup!

Fun fact: I do Mariah Carey impressions every time any of her songs come on, I turn into a full on diva – hand actions and all!



Why I love working for Benefit? Because the team I work with are great and the support is amazing; every day is a fun day at Benefit!

Fun Fact: I am a really great cook at both food and baking…but I can’t fry an egg, it always burns!



Why I love working for Benefit? Working with or around makeup is like heaven. I love how our products make such a difference. How my look has changed since I started working at Benefit is like WOW, especially my eyebrows! I love it when customers come back to see me, it makes me feel special and that I make a difference. I love the people I work with and everything about Benefit.

Fun fact: I talk in my sleep!

Hope to see you at the Debenhams Clapham Junction Boutique soon lovelies!!

Until next time,

Glam Squad