Benefayre Cardiff: Zoe Salmon opens our final fabulous Benefayre

We were delighted to have the gorgeous beauty queen turned TV broadcaster, Zoe Salmon open our final fabulous Benefayre in Cardiff!

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How did you get involved with Benefit and Refuge?
I was involved in Benefits Mascarathon in Cardiff this time last year. It was another great fundraising opportunity and I’m excited to support Refuge again. The statistics about Refuge are astounding. Two women a week die as a result of domestic violence. You may not realise just how serious it can be; Refuge is a charity that really needs support. I hope by activities such as Benefits Benefayre that the message really gets through to people. We are encouraging people to have fun as well as communicating a really important message and fundraising for Refuge. The charity does amazingly well but needs much more help, so it’s great that Benefit has got involved. What really shocked me was the low levels of funding that this cause receives, so I hope events like this raise peoples awareness.

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Has anyone in your life been affected by domestic violence?
Thankfully I don’t know anyone personally that has been affected and hopefully I never will. That said, the silence needs to be broken. There’s not enough being done. People think that Refuge just provides a home for those affected, but the charity does so much more than that. Victim support and police assistance are other areas Refuge can help with. Not just the housing victims – but follow up care and assistance and making sure they remain safe.

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How did you get to where you are today?
I was Miss Northern Ireland when I was 19 – at the same time I was studying my law degree. As part of my Miss Northern Ireland reign I carried out ambassador roles for various charities and through that I developed a passion for charity work. I was also offered presenting and TV work so when I qualified in law I decided to move over to TV instead of practicing law. Blue Peter was my first TV show and now I’ve been almost 10 years in TV. I never imagined I would be doing it for a living and I’m blessed to do something that I love. Although I didn’t continue with my legal background, it comes in handy all the time.

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What are you currently working on?
I’m very fortunate to be enjoying working on a few projects at the moment but I’m really excited to be Cinderella in Pantomime this Christmas! Cinderella is my absolute favourite so it’s a fairy tale dream come true to be playing the role of my favourite princess! I grew up doing panto and have always wanted to do one but the timing hasn’t been right, so I’m focused on that at the moment in between doing politics and current affairs work on TV and radio! I just love the diversity of my job; life is like a big box of chocolates and you should always take opportunities that are thrown at you.

What are your favourite Benefit products?
I love my Benefit products! I’ve got so many that I absolutely love, I have a nice eclectic mix in my makeup bag. With makeup, if you’re going to put I on, go for it! Give me the blushes, the contouring! I’m really obsessed with eyebrows and I love browzings, it’s so important to have a good product.

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It’s been so lovely having you here to one our Cardiff Benefayre, was there anything more you wanted to share with our benebabes?
The Benefayre concept is so fun and playful, but it’s not just a girl thing it’s a family day out. It’s great to see all the old classic games for a fun day for a worthy cause. It’s a real joy to be here and to be involved and to help raise awareness of the incredible work that Refuge does. Thank you so much Benefit and Refuge!

Until next time,

Glam Squad xx