#TanyaMeetup 2013

One fabulous vlogger + Temptation Telephone + lots of amazing benebabes all in our NEW flagship Carnaby boutique = one incredible day!
September 26th 2013, to quote Tanya Burr was the “best day ever!” We started the day in true understated Benefit style, with a giant pink telephone located in the middle of Carnaby Street! This wasn’t any ordinary telephone, no, no, no! This was Temptation Telephone, surely you know the famous #temptationtelephone? Take a look HERE you’ll get the picture!
TT1Temptation Telephone rang for the good old Carnaby folk and if anyone was brave enough to answer, they got somewhat of a surprise! They were then asked to complete a challenge, anything from, hula hooping, juggling tubes of POREfessional (of course), singing, and strutting down the pink carpet in true catwalk style. In return for making us all smile, they received a Benefit goodie!
The Benefit Carnaby Boutique was buzzing, with its fantastic new range of brow, makeuppers, nail, and brow dry services… everyone wanted a look at the new pink pamper palace.
Then there was Tanya Burr… quite frankly our new best friend! Our lovely benebabes and dedicated Tanya fans were able to queue outside the boutique from 3pm to wait for a chance to meet Tanya. Our beautiful benebouncers were on hand and we made sure everyone was having fun by providing entertainment in the form of our delightful director of 1st impressions; Nina! Fans received Bene-branded water and live songs from the talented 1940s esque group, Elle and The Pocket Belles, as they waited to see Tanya.
It was then time to meet Tanya! Each group were eager to meet a fellow makeup enthusiast and they had the opportunity to get a picture with Tanya and ask those burning beauty questions.
We didn’t miss an opportunity to get a quick picture either!
The day was one of the best days EVER for the benebabes, it was lovely to see all our Benefit fans and Tanya subscribers so happy!
Stay tuned for more exciting events from the gals!
Until next time,
Glam Squad xxx