Meg’s Budget Boutique reveals her ‘Nice Package!’

Let us introduce you to Meg, our new social media Benebabe as well as blogger & YouTube favourite. We caught up with her to chat all things Benefit & got the gossip on her ‘Nice Package’ !

“Being both a Benebabe and a beauty blogger I can’t help but lust after all the gorgeous make up at BeneTowers, so it’s lucky Benefit now have an amazing ‘Nice Package’ kit builder where you can get three full sized products, a free gift, and a makeup bag all for just £62 (no spending guilt necessary)! As we know, every Benebabe is different, that’s why the website gives you a wide range of products to choose from so the only problem you have is deciding what to choose…


‘Yes, this really is an office!’

Complexion – I’m one of those girls who doesn’t feel ready to face the day without foundation, so I’ve gone for hello flawless oxygen wow as my base, which gives you a bright, dewy and (you guessed it) flawless complexion that lasts all day even in the madness of Benefit HQ!

Cheeks – With a full time job as well as a blog and YouTube channel to run I need quick multi-functional products for a gal on the go, and fine-one-one is just that! It gives a gorgeous coral flush to both the lips and cheeks and you can apply it in seconds, even whilst running walking to work.


‘4 steps to flawless’

Eyes  Who doesn’t want people asking if they’re real!’ ? I’m talking about lashes of course! This is my favourite mascara & for very good reasons including volume, length, curl, lift and long wearing results. The bigger the better ladies! Yes, I am still talking about lashes…


‘Wink and wear it Benebabes!’

Free Gift – If I had to recommend one Benefit product it would be the creaseless cream shadow in ‘birthday suit’. This stuff gives you all day long golden doe eyed perfection and can be worn alone for a quick fix or layered up with powder shadows for night out naughtiness. Oo la la!


‘I’m so glad I painted my nails last night…’

So that’s what’s in my ‘Nice Package’! What’s in yours? Love & Lipstick, Meg (Meg’s Budget Boutique) xxx”

There you have it! A big thank you to Meg. Tell us in the comments below what you would put in your Benefit exclusive, custom makeup kit!

Until next time,

Glam Squad xx