Meet Nina our #BeneScout, on the hunt for the ultimate Benebabe!

Hi I’m Neens and I’ve been challenged with finding people to be the Ultimate Benebabe (Errrrrrrr Hello, you looking at her!) but no, they took no notice of my obvious hinting to be that person….Their loss!

Benescout 2


I shall be at Debenhams Oxford Street on Monday 2nd December from midday with my PA the lovely Jenny.  Well when I say lovely, when she’s doing as she’s told and at my beck and call she’s lovely.  However she can dither at times and I find this frustrating beyond belief, so if I’m having a tantrum on Monday, please do just ignore it as it will be, as it always is, Jenny’s fault.

Benescout 3

Like any up-to-the minute TV Personality, I have needs, not to be confused with needy you understand.  I WILL have a list of demands for Debenhams dahhhhhhhhhling. No pink puppies but perhaps only the red M&M’s in my dressing room (I am getting a dressing room right?)

Benescout 1

So what am I looking for on the day….

Beauty, personality, charisma … (All these qualities I, myself have!)

As Benefit will be letting their Facebook Fans choose the winner in a voting poll the very next day.  Yes that’s right, Benefit aren’t choosing YOU are. I am a women in her 40’s and my Mother is nearly 70 and is beautiful, so please don’t think that this is only for the young ones, it’s NOT.  It’s for gals from all walks of life. Remember “beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.”


I look forward to seeing you all in the Debenhams Beauty Hall at Oxford Street at 12noon – 7pm on Monday 2nd December.

Now where’s Jenny with my tea at room temperature…….

Until next time,

Nina (Director of 1st impressions)