Get Wow Now, Arch that Brow!

So you’ve read all about Brow Arch March, grown those babies out and booked in for a wax, but now you want to know exactly what to expect. Well have no fear ladies, it doesn’t involve any sore skin or heavy hair removal- it’s all about framing your face in a comfortable luxury experience- afterall, Benebabes deserve the best! First off you’ll have a consultation with one of our amazing Brow Experts to talk through the treatment and your desired brows, then once you’re happy it’s time to get arching…

Brow Arch March 1

1. It all begins with brow mapping, which maps out the correct brow shape  for your face- no one shape fits all and your brows are sisters, not twins, so every shape is different and tailored to you.                                                                                                       2.Our beautiful Brow Expert will then make sure your skin is cleansed and protected and that the temperature of the wax is perfect before trimming any pesky long hairs.

Brow Arch March 2

3. Now onto the main event…Wax is applied below, above and inbetween the brows and taken off using soft muslin cloth to make the whole experience as painfree as possible. This will give you a gorgeous arch even the Arc(h) de triomphe would be jealous of (Oh the glam squad are such jokers…).                                                                                           4. Stray hairs are then banished using tweezers and a cold compress is applied followed by a cooling gel to make your skin feel soothed, smoothed and sexy!

Brow Arch March 3

5. Finally you’ll be finished off with a bit of Bene-makeup (Boi-ing and Gimme Brow being the essentials) to ensure your whole face looks as fabulous as your new brows.

Now rock that new look and feel great that you’ve raised a brow for Brow Arch March!

Until next…wax,

Glam Squad