Citroën DS3 by Benefit

You’ve been a Benebabe for years- worn our make up since your teens and collected every Benefit branded goody going- well now it’s time to step things up and drive around in Benestyle! That’s right ladies, Benefit have designed their very own range of Citroën DS3‘s and they’re available for you to get your perfectly manicured hands on now.

Benetint Citroen Car

There are two fabulous designs- the first Citroën DS3 DSign by Benefit is inspired by our rose coloured iconic lip and cheek stain, Benetint and the other Citroën DS3 DStyle by Benefit, by our best selling mascara which get’s all the boys asking if ‘They’re Real!’. The Benetint inspired beauty features a sassy ruby red exterior and white roof and door mirror details, whereas the other has been designed in ‘They’re Real!’ smouldering shark grey, with unique orange detail on the door mirrors, roof and wheel centre caps. Both cars come with stunning female focused features including our famous Gabbi silhouette on the key fob and shark fin, bespoke black velour carpets and a fully kitted out make-up bag in the glove compartment; which means these cars flaunt gorgeous design down to the final touches.

Citroen They're Real!

Sold on the makeup, but not sure on the car? Have no fear Benebabes, Citroën DS3 DStyle is built for busy life in the city and will work it as hard as you do! These two Citroën DS3 cars will premiere on an online car boutique created by our favourite place to online shop, ASOS. The boutique will act as an online sanctuary for you to view the vehicles and give you exclusive access including booking test drives. So to view Citroën DS3 by Benefit series, please visit www.asos.com/citroen and tweet @BenefitUK with #Drivenbybeauty

What are you waiting for?

Until next drive!

Glam Squad