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Why We Brow Arch Marched: Meg’s Story

Brow Arch March

‘I’ve got cancer’…three little words no one wants to hear, but sadly an increasing amount of people are having to say every day. I myself had experience of this first hand when my beautiful Mum, Liz, got diagnosed with breast cancer eight years ago at just 42. As a young 13 year old girl it came as a total shock, but perhaps I only really understood the reality of what my Mum had to face when my Nan then got diagnosed with the same thing two years ago and our family went through the ordeal all over again. I’m so happy to report that both my Mum and Nan have come out fighting as strong, inspirational women living life to the full, but even as I write this my close family friends Bev and Sally-Anne are going through their own cancer treatments, showing that cancer affects everyone and we need to do everything we can to make the journey as easy as possible. And this is the whole reason Benefit is supporting Brow Arch March to raise money for the fabulous charity Look Good Feel Better, which helps women with the physical side effects of cancer treatments.

Brow Arch March

When I told my Mum about the campaign she was so excited by it and wanted to come along and support it herself and so, with her best friend and my godmother Tracy in tow, she had a brow wax, gave a donation and told me her thoughts on Brow Arch March and why it’s so important that everyone gets involved. Here’s what she had to say- ‘When you have cancer treatments you feel like your femininity has been taken away- you lose hair everywhere, feel bloated and you don’t feel yourself. In fact you completely lose yourself and control for a while, so Look Good Feel Better can help you to forget what’s going on and feel like your old self again. Going through the cancer treatments is a very traumatic year long experience, so to be pampered is wonderful! When I went through them I went to get a wig with my husband, but it was hard to find and nobody offered me pamper sessions, which I would have really loved! That’s why it’s so important as many women as possible get to benefit from the work of Look Good Feel Better now.’

Brow Arch March

She also wanted to give this advice to anyone currently going through the same thing- ‘Take a day at a time and do what makes you happy. The whole thing is like a journey and you just have to go with it and be easy on yourself, as well as letting your friends and family be there for you. It’s a whole year of your life that you have to give up and it can feel overwhelmingly scary at times so meeting people who are going through the same thing is really important too. That’s another reason Look Good Feel Better is so amazing, you get to meet people who know exactly how you feel and get made to feel very special at the same time.’

Brow Arch March

And finally, what did my Mum think of her new Benebrows… ‘I’ve never had eyebrows like this- they’re completely brilliant!’

If that’s not enough to make you head to Debenhams and get wow brows whilst helping other women feel special again, I don’t know what is!

Until next time,

Meg (aka social media Benebabe)