Dates with One Direction

Last week two lucky Benebabes had their dreams come true when they won a competition to meet One Direction idols, Harry and Liam, thanks to the wonderful charity Trekstock which supports young people with cancer. Allison and Lyndsay obviously wanted to look their best for the big occasion so our Carnaby team were on hand to pamper and preen them before the big meet. Here’s their diary of the day…

One Direction

Our experience with meeting Harry and Liam was really nothing short of a dream come true. The entire trip was just completely surreal and we’re still reeling over the fact that the whole thing actually happened! The boys could not possibly have been any nicer or fun to hang out with. They really made us feel totally comfortable and it felt more like we were sharing a night out with friends rather than two members of a massive band. The whole day was really exciting from start to finish. In the morning, my mom, sister and I met up with the Trekstock team at their headquarters, where they were kind enough to treat us to lunch. Trekstock is a small charity based out of London that helps support young people with cancer by raising money to fund lifesaving research, and by informing others of easy lifestyle changes that could exponentially benefit them in the fight against cancer. The work that they do is truly inspiring and we were just so delighted to get to share in a small part of it. The whole Trekstock team was just incredibly lovely and so accommodating throughout our whole stay in London. On behalf of me and my family, I just really want to thank them for hosting us and making the experience so memorable!

One Direction

After we had finished lunch, my sister Lindsay and I set off to do some serious damage in some of the amazing stores Carnaby Street has to offer. We just completely fell in love with the area! Afterwards, we were promptly whisked off to Benefit, where some lovely ladies were generous enough to treat both me and my sister to makeovers. The shop there was just incredible and everyone was so nice in doting on us before our big date with Harry and Liam. We cannot thank the ladies of Benefit enough for their hospitality and immense generosity. They definitely made us feel like celebs for the day! (Plus we’re happy to report that both of the boys complimented our makeup!) After shopping, makeovers, and frantically trying to decide what to wear, my sister and I were finally ready to make our way over to meeting the boys. We were both pretty anxious beforehand, but from the moment we walked in to greet them, Liam and Harry immediately made us feel at ease. Both boys were incredibly sweet and hilarious to talk to! They really did prove themselves to be completely normal guys – although perhaps a bit more charming. They went completely above and beyond our expectations and managed to make even bigger fans out of the two of us than we already were!

One Direction

We can’t thank Trekstock, Benefit, Liam and Harry enough for not only allowing us to enjoy the trip of a lifetime, but also for the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful cause! To have had this experience, in addition to helping support Trekstock’s mission, is really just beyond amazing. The whole experience was just truly incredible and definitely something that neither of us will ever forget!

Until next time,

Glam Squad and the Gals