Our Bene-Marathon Heros

Well what an accomplishment! Our three Bene-Heros completed the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon yesterday through sheer brute beauty strength.



The sun was shining for the 100,000 spectators cheering the 30,000 marathon runners along the way, laden with inspirational placards and handfuls of jelly babies a plenty for that much needed sugar hit.  The Benebabes and Refuge were positioned at miles 13 and 25 ready to cheer on the insane athletes running across London to complete the 43km task.

As one of the marathon runners myself, and having never had completed a marathon before, it was an phenomenal experience that words can’t describe. The support of the crowd and of your team is what gets you through the physical and emotional rollercoaster and I couldn’t have done it without the Benebabes by my side!

London Marathon Team Benefit

The battle of completing the 26.2 miles was hard, but not nearly as hard as the battle many women and children have to face everyday living a life affected by domestic violence. This is why Refuge is such an understated yet worthy charity to support.

We still have a few pennies to raise for Refuge so if you have any change to spare please donate to our marathon-runner Benebabes Joanne >> https://www.justgiving.com/joanneheggie and Mark & Julie >> http://www.justgiving.com/Mark-Julie-Keep-Running

Until next time,

Jo & the Glam Squad