Layla Anna-Lee: Live From Brazil

Whilst we get beautified and drink Bene-tinis in The Gabbi’s Head perusing the football action (and footballers themselves) from afar, there are girls at the front line of the World Cup itself making sure we are kept in the loop with the very latest footy low down. One of these such girls is the gorgeous Layla Anna-Lee, who is currently reporting live from Rio! As a former Benebabe herself, she made sure to find some time in her busy schedule to give us an insight into backstage Brazil…

Layla Anna Lee

Whenever Brazil is mentioned it’s instantaneously associated with football and beautiful women – one of very few stereotypes that is not wrong. The Brazilian women are as passionate as the men about their national team. With their creative flair and bootilicious bodies, they have customised football kits and replica tee shirts into stunning sexy outfits. They have a remarkable ability to reconstruct any item of clothing to fit their bodies in the sexiest way. I’ve never seen football kits look so good!

I arrived in Rio four days ago. I’m here with KickTV and Adidas. I’ll be presenting live shows and interviewing some of the biggest names in the football world. I’ll also be presenting a daily World Cup round up show which you can watch on KickTV’s YouTube page, reporting on the day’s events in and around the World Cup here in Brazil.

Since I arrived I’ve spent most of my time in production meetings and in the studio, but the feeling of excitement here is paramount. The second you step out on to the street you know that the greatest footballing competition on earth is here. The entire city is covered in flags, statues of legendary players and of course massive advertisements featuring the beloved Neymar. Neymar is truly the poster boy of Brazilian football right now and he’s living up to his name, he scored two goals in Brazil’s opening game against Croatia.

Despite the fact that it’s approaching winter in Rio, it’s still super hot. Humidity has wreaked havoc with my hair and the sun is trying its best to melt my make up. The second I get a little more time off I’m going to put on my Benefit dream screen, head to Copacabana beach and find out how these beautiful beach babes always look so flawless!

Until next time,