Layla Anna-Lee: Get Brazil Beach Babe Beautiful!

England may sadly be out of the World Cup, but we’re still enjoying many a Rasp-Benemojito at The Gabbi’s Head and the gorgeous Layla Anna-Lee is here to give you a second installment of ‘Live from Brazil’. This week it’s all about channeling the confidence of those Brazilian beach babes…

World Cup Pub

Walking along Ipanema beach is like you’ve fallen into a movie set starring every miss universe contestant there ever was and it’s the bikini round! Every single girl a head turner and all for very different reasons. It’s immediately clear that Brazilian women are confident. They walk with confidence, talk with conviction and wear tiny bikinis like a proud peacock showing off beautiful feathers. They aren’t all propaganda poster perfect though with women in their 80’s, chubby teens and larger women all in tiny bikinis strolling comfortably without any body conscious paranoia and they are all beautiful. It’s their smiles that catch you first. All the women are smiling. Brazilians have a very carefree nature about them and they are at their happiest on the beach.

World Cup Pub

Interestingly in Brazil the women to men ratio is one of the largest gaps in the world. Currently 4 million more women than men. This means the women take great pride in appearance and essentially have to compete more for men. I was curious about beach make up and and wondered what women here wear on their skin to the beach as everyone looks so damn great. Beach makeup etiquette is changing. It used to be an obvious no make up zone – the ‘TOWIE’ style reality tv star’s thick layers of foundation and false lashes is a major no no here. The Brazilian girls dress up for the evening but beach time is super natural. The locals tell me it’s about respect for the ocean and not polluting it with product. Sunscreen is a must (dream screen at the ready ladies) and many of the girls I spoke to won’t leave the house without waterproof mascara, but I’ve noticed almost all the women, bare faced and fresh, will still wear lipstick.

A Carioca called Angela told me all the girls go super natural to the beach but she herself was wearing lipstick. I asked why and she gave me possibly the best answer ever… “You never know which ex boyfriend you might bump into.” I’d best bring my benetint to the beach next time!

Love Layla & the Digital Darlings