It’s here: they’re real! push-up liner

It seems like an age since we teased you with our amazing new they’re real! push-up liner in this post, but the wait is finally over and today the whole world will be getting #criminallyeasy as the FIRST EVER lash-hugging gel liner pen launches around the globe in a frenzy of jumpsuits and handcuffs!

TAR liner

But before you buy our latest member of the they’re real! family online or at any Benefit counter/Boutique, here are a few reminders why it’s a real beauty breakthrough and soon to be staple in your makeup bag-

  1. It’s a gel liner in a pen (goodbye fiddly pots and brushes!)
  2. The innovative AccuFlex™ tip makes it BEYOND EASY to get close to your lash line
  3. The waterproof matte black gel formula doesn’t smudge, budge or dry out

So overall this (rather slick looking) pen is set to solve the biggest beauty dilemma of all time, lining your eyes! No longer just for big nights out, this liner is so easy to use you’ll want to sport seriously stunning wings everyday of the week. And just in case you need a little wing-spiration we’ve compiled a ‘step by step to sexy’ to show you just how to get that perfect flick…


So if in doubt, wing and wear it Benebabes!

Until next time,

Digital Darlings