Nana Bow Bow takes the b.right challenge!

To celebrate the end of skincare month we invited an extra special guest to share their experience of the b.right 28 day challenge: Dolly Bow Bow‘s gorgeous Mum, Tracy, aka Nana Bow Bow! Take it away Tracy…

Hey Benebabes! I’m a 49 year old wife, mummy and nana to be and I’ve always loved beauty and skincare, so imagine my excitement when Benefit asked me to take the 28 day skincare challenge (if it doesn’t work, you can return it after 28 days). I decided to create a proper routine with the whole b.right range and made sure to stick to it everyday so I could judge the products properly; here are my tips ‘n’ tricks and face findings…


At night I use foamingly clean to remove all makeup; this is a soft a gentle cleanser, but very thorough. Next I use moisture prep which acts as a toner but doesn’t strip the skin or make it feel tight. I then use instant comeback on fine lines around my nose and mouth and finish with triple performing facial emulsion. In the morning I add it’s potent! eye cream into my routine, then twice a week I use refined finish facial polish. The shower friendly bottle makes this really easy to use and the product is really gentle and definitely doesn’t scratch.

Both me and Kate share some b.right love in the video above, but I have even more amazing things to say about the range! Firstly my skin is very sensitive but b.right is perfect for this and it’s potent! is the only eye cream I’ve found that doesn’t make my eyes sting or water after use and it really does reduce darkness and fine lines around my eyes. My top tip is to apply a thick coat and leave for 10 minutes to sink in as a soothing eye mask. I also love instant comeback facial serum as this has really reduced quite significant lines along the sides of my nose and mouth. I have to say that although I’ve always loved the Benefit skincare packaging,  I have never given it a try before. However, all the Benefit products look and smell amazing, suit so many skin types, are incredibly gentle and best of all they actually work! With a money back guarantee, what have you got to lose? Give it a try and I hope #itsimplyworks for you!

Love Tracy & the Digital Darlings