Lisa & Lauren’s Makeup Adventures: June

Hey gals, Lisa and Lauren here to share our monthly makeup adventures! So there’s only one word to describe June…PHEW!! Myself and Lauren were just looking back at June and cannot believe how much we’ve squeezed into 30 days. It’s been an incredible month; from the opening of the amazing Gabbi’s Head World Cup pub (have you visited yet?! If not, QUICK! It closes on July 13th) and a shoot with Matthew Williamson, to a track day at Silverstone and, of course, the launch of the #criminallyeasy they’re real! push-up liner, June has most certainly been non stop!


However, my personal highlight has to be abseiling down the side of John Lewis Oxford street! Yes you read that right, myself, along with five other Spy gals including the very brave blogger, Zoe from London Lipgloss, flew (well not quite, but it certainly felt like it) down the side of John Lewis in aid of the incredible charity Refuge. WOW what a buzz. Now, I’m not saying I’ll be taking up abseiling as a regular hobby but I thoroughly enjoyed it. And I now kind of feel like a superhero which is fun!  So without further ado, I’ll hand over to my Robin, oops I mean Lauren, to tell you about her favourite experience of June…

Thanks Batman! Last month we were asking you the question, #howdoyouhoola? A competition was held to win a personalised hoola and an exclusive hoola photo shoot and I got to meet the lucky winner, Laura and transform her, quite literally, into our lovely hoola lady! She looked so incredible you’ll have to spot the difference when we reveal the photos!


But let’s not forget gals, we only had the BIGGEST launch in the history of Benefit this month… Introducing our brand new they’re real! push-up liner! A lash-hugging, gel formula in a pen that makes a #criminallyeasy eyeliner. We would love to see your liner looks on Twitter and Instagram so make sure to get in touch at @Lisa_Benefit & @Lauren_Benefit. Thanks so much for reading our makeup adventures! I would like to say that July is going to be a lot more chilled, but here at Benefit we don’t understand such words so you can expect more fun stories from us next month.

Love and Liner,

Lisa & Lauren