Liner looks get seriously sexy!

You may have noticed we’ve gone a bit liner crazy here at Benefit with the launch of our fabulous new they’re real! push-up liner. If you haven’t then we’d very much like to bring you out from that makeupless rock you’ve been hiding under and get some liner in your life! The best thing about it (apart from the sleek black packaging. swoon.) is that it’s #criminallyeasy so everyone can use it and yes, we do mean everyone! So many gals tell us that they don’t have the time for liner or don’t know how to apply it, but with our easy to work with quick dry gel formula and fool proof tip there’s no excuse and it’s time to get creative… we want you to post your liner looks on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #criminallyeasy and our favourites will be chosen as #wingoftheweek! Stuck for inspiration? Check out our liner quickies below which are perfect for every occasion…

TAR liner

This easy and everyday liner look is created with just one click of product per eye and can be achieved in seconds! The lash hugging tip and smooth gel formula means lash gaps and wobbly lines are a thing of the past, so you’ll be able to open up those peepers in the few minutes you have on the tube. On the go beauty at its best!


If you like it then make sure you put a wing on it! Cat flicks are no longer reserved for confident liner lovers, as you simply need to extend the easy and everyday line featured at the top then go back over it to create an even more intense colour. Perfect for going from desk to dancefloor.


Now here’s one for all you adventurous Benebabes heading for a night out on the town this weekend- double winged out wow with the vintage double wing! For this you need to create a standard wing on top, then recreate an upside down version beneath the lash line. Sit back and wait for those double takes ladies…

And whether you’re a liner pro attempting the vintage double wing or a total newbie, we want you to turn yourself in to our they’re real! correctional facility where you can explore your very own cell to find clues and win #criminallyeasy goodies. There’s also lots more liner inspiration so you’ll be guilty as charged when it comes to having seriously sexy smokin’ eyes!

Until next line,

Digital Darlings