Layla Anna-Lee: Goals and Glamour!

So the World Cup is officially over! However, the summer is only just beginning and our gorgeous Gabbi’s Head is open until the 8th August 2014 to help you fight those Brazilian blues! Before you head down there for a yummy cocktail and a summer makeover, catch up with our benebabe Layla Anna-Lee for the last time as she tells us all about World Cup girl-power…

Stadium 2

Women everywhere, in heels, earrings, face paint and perfume – munching on popcorn and screaming out loud. You’d never guess it was the World Cup Final.

‘Goals and Glamour’ are what media are referring to this year’s World Cup as and not only because of the corporate world of celebrities attending games. Yes Gisele Bündchen brought out the Trophy and Rhianna hit headlines by flashing her bra at the final, but real female fans were also out in force. I met German women who travelled to Brasil alone, I also met a confident team of women who were enjoying an epic road trip driving for three days from Argentina. I don’t know why I was surprised but I absolutely was. Pleasantly surprised and proud.

Inside Rio’s Maracanã stadium as Germany’s Mario Götze scored the late winning goal against Argentina a group of friends stood near me all turned and hugged a woman laughing and saying “Mario he will be called Mario!” They soon revealed a stunning pregnant lady who – if she were to have a boy, promised to call him Mario. Awesome!


Considering that before I left for Rio my producer sent me a thoughtful email apologising for the fact that I was to be the only girl on the entire crew, I’ve been happily surrounded by women.

Football is no longer the game monopolised by men and although they are now suffering great withdrawals from the World Cup for another four years we women can begin to look forward to the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada!

Love Layla and the Digital Darlings xxx