Ticket to fly!

Here at Benefit, we like to do things a little differently, right down to promoting our amazing Benebabes! Our Passport scheme is a developmental tool to help our employees progress and be promoted to the next level. Although we can’t fly each individual Benebabe to San Francisco, we can offer the training and support to fly up the ladder within the company!

Whether you are an aspiring star on our Counter or in the Field, we can help develop you into more senior positions or into other areas of the business. Since our Passport scheme launched, we have celebrated many of our Benebabes soaring to success and being rewarded with promotions within the business. Here are just some of the latest jet-setters!

Alison Mallard

Alison Mallard – Account Manager to Sales Development Manager

Andrea Elder

Andrea Elder – Account Manager to Sales Development Manager

Charlie Talbot

Charlie Talbot – Account Manager to Sales Development Manager

Rebecca Davies

Rebecca Davies – Sales Development Manager to Regional Sales Manager

Suzie O'Connor

Suzie O’Connor – Beauty Assistant  to Account Manager

Well done all! To check out our latest job opportunities, visit our careers website here.

Love & lashes,

The Digital Darlings xxx