Lisa and Lauren’s Makeup Adventures: July

Wow! July you speedy month! From the Gabbi’s Head pub to QVC to Lauren’s llama walk it’s certainly been eventful!

Firstly, can we just discuss the World Cup?! Now I’ve never really been a football fan. The only time I watch it is when my husband, Theo, sneaks it on the TV when I’m checking Instagram. However, the pink cocktails, the Honest Leah dart board and the fun girly vibe of the Gabbi’s Head pub have certainly changed my view! Who knew football could be so fun?! However now the World Cup is over and the Gabbi’s Head pub is closing for business on the 9th August, I’ll probably just go back to looking at the occasional pic of David Beckham-that counts right?!

We also took our lovely QVC models to the Gabbi’s head to thank them for all their hard work! Our next shows are on the 12th August at 6pm and the 20th August at 11pm- We have an EXCLUSIVE new product on that show! Exccitttingggg! So make sure you tune in.


Well I know it’s not really work related, but I have to say my main highlight of the month was llama walking! Yep, that’s right, I went llama walking! It was so much fun, and the furry fellas were just lovely! Check out me and Julius. WHAT A BEAUT!


Another highlight of mine from July would have to be working at the incredible Luna cinema! If you haven’t heard about this already, Benefit are the main sponsors so not only do you get to watch a fab film and have a picnic with your girlfriends, you can also get you make up done and grab some of our fab samples! It’s such a fun night out! My fave film so far has been Once. This was shown on the roof of John Lewis Oxford Street, which you might remember from our last post as being the one Lisa abseiled down!


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Love and Liner,

Lisa & Lauren xxx