Here at Benetowers, we are always talking about our latest product launches, thinking about everything from where to put them on our counters to planning the latest in a long line of crazy social media activities! If it’s not new launches, it’s focusing on our current favourites like POREfessional or our no.1 best-selling they’re real! mascara, so it’s not often we get to reminisce about Benefit products of old. Who remembers the golden oldies, like our gorgeous kitten powders? Or glamourette, a makeup kit that was the first all-in-one that we thought was ultra-modern when it first came out, but now seems a bit bizarre?!

glamourette small kitten small

As soon as we started to talk about all of our old products, we couldn’t stop! Everyone has a story about the first time they used a Benefit product or heard of the company they now call home. As we heard more and more we realised how many of you, our amazing fans, would have great stories that we want to know about. So we decided to create the hashtag #myfirsttime so you can get in touch with us to tell us all about what product made you fall in love with Benefit. Here are some of our lovely Benetowers boys and girls’ stories to give you some inspiration!

LiamJaney HarrietMegShelleyTasha Vaniakatie1


So get in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #myfirsttime. We will also be updating our #myfirsttime Pinterest board with photos of our favourite old products, so check that out too!


Love & lashes,

All at Benetowers xxx