#awesomeaugust: Customer Care style!

Hey Benebabes! We hope you are all having an #awesomeaugust! Here to tell us about hers is our favourite Customer Care Benebabe Janey!

Hi there! I’m Jane Marshall (known by all as Janey!) and I work in the Customer Care team at Benetowers. My job mainly involves talking to our customers via email and phone, helping with all their questions. Now this may not sound as if it’s too ‘awesome’! But I love having the opportunity to get to know our customers and I often end up having long chats with them…my email threads have been known to span months! The best thing about my job is getting positive feedback from our customers. When people take the time to tell me how brilliant they think our staff are, or how much they love their new Benefit product, it really does make my day.

Falling over

I’m not a one-man band, and love having my partner in crime Tash on board to help our customers. We make each other laugh a lot which makes long days seem a lot shorter! We’re both so passionate about Benefit as a brand and can’t imagine working anywhere else. The only problem is I can’t stand how she makes tea…two tea bags in for twenty seconds, milk almost to the brim and a bit of hot water…horrible! Oh, and we’re both rubbish at three-legged races, as you can see in the snap above taken at the recent Benewealth Games!

So far, my #awesomeaugust has been, well, pretty awesome! I love going to the theatre and have seen Once and Shakespeare In Love in London already this month…both are amazing! We also celebrated my son’s 28th birthday (where did that time go?!) and I’m having the whole family round for dinner over the Bank Holiday weekend which is always good fun. I’m spending a few days near the coast in Suffolk next week with the family and our hairy hound Harvey so I have all my fingers crossed the weather holds and we’re not soaked through!



The girls from Benetowers and I like to go see our lovely friend Nora who isn’t able to be at work with us at the moment. We all love a glass of a wine and a chit-chat, and always have lots to catch up on. The only bit about my August that hasn’t quite been so awesome is being turned away by a fancy bar in London for wearing trainers whilst my two children were sipping on ice-cold beers 34 floors above. Unsurprisingly, neither of them had much sympathy!


So that’s how I’ve been spending my #awesomeaugust. I hope you all are having a similarly lovely time!

Love, Janey xxx

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