Introducing our booster blush to amplify your flush!

Pep, poise & popularity are what it’s all about Benebabes! majorette is our new cream-to powder booster blush that is going to make you pom-pom pretty in seconds! It is a gorgeous peppy pink-peach shade which you can wear on the apples of your cheeks to amplify your natural blush, or underneath your favourite Benefit box o’ powder for an extra pop of colour and increased staying power.



The pom-pom peach & pomegranate fragrance smells divine and instantly lifts your mood, and the finger-friendly formula and pocket-friendly packaging means this is your one-stop blush booster!

BOP_Majorette_Yuck       BOP_Majorette_Wow                                                    

Even though majorette is the perfect booster blush to wear underneath any of our box o’ powders, it is also a must-have for the ultimate smooth, beautiful cheeks and a natural flush. The idea for majorette came when our Product Marketing Team were looking through a box of old photos. They spotted a snap of Benefit co-founders Jean & Jane Ford in majorette costumes and began marching around the office doing an impromptu routine…only at Benefit! They were flushed from the work-out and realised it was like an instant pep-up for cheeks…and so majorette was born!

So if you want the flirtiest flush in town, try our booster blush to amplify your flush!

Love & lashes,

Digital Darlings xxx