One Benebabe’s Candy Coated Countdown creation!

We all love a Christmas Countdown, and when our Advent Calendars had all gone to good homes, a rather brilliant Benebabe’s inspiration got the better of her, creativity kicked in, and the outcome was one seriously gorgeous Candy Coated Countdown creation! Here is Beverley’s story on how she came to creating her master piece…

“There are always alternatives to life’s obstacles whether large or small, and I have always been a make do and mend sort of gal so I thought you might be interested in how I have made mine and maybe you could do the same!

My daughter is 23 and some might say far too old for an advent Calendar but I enjoy buying her one and she enjoys receiving  one. This year I had decided to buy her a special one as she had just finished her masters and is preparing to start her PHD and had been working very hard so I thought she deserved a treat.

I started by rummaging through my daughters bedroom for her Benefit boxes, she adores her Benefit products and WILL NOT throw out the empty boxes as she says they are far too beautiful to discard,  for which today I am pleased!

I then printed off a couple of pictures of the Benefit advent calendar to get the numbers and the colour schemes, and also found a couple of Aunt Violets weekly pill cases which I thought would suffice for individual boxes for the smaller items. Little cardboard sets of drawers that were full of notes and bits and bobs that had not been used for years, were again, brilliant for my purpose. I set all these items out on the kitchen table and with Blue Peter gusto, set about making my masterpiece!


I really was making it up as I went along, but keeping my eye on the original picture of the true Benefit advent calendar.
As the depth of the Benefit products in some instances would be quite long I decided to put the largest boxes at the bottom to stop the advent calendar from tipping over, so the sturdiest drawers went at the bottom with one of the pill boxes attached at each side for stability.  After I had made the base it was just a question then of making some sort of tower out of the remaining cardboard drawers! I then glued and taped all the structure together. I then left the tower overnight to dry and strengthen, and also try to work out the next stage!


In the morning I went into Barnstaple my nearest town 16 miles away where in  Banburys they stock Benefit products, where a very pretty, kind and helpful young lady helped me to pick out several lovely Benefit products for my project of which she was very supportive, she also gave me some gift bags which I thought would help with the facia of the tower!


The next morning I cut out the date numbers leaving quite a bit of the surrounding picture attached where I could , so that most of the tower would be covered in the benefit colour scheme and design. Using the gift bags, empty Benefit product boxes, and the printed out pictures of the Benefit advent calendar, I was then able glue and tape them to the tower , which amazingly by now was beginning to look similar in colour and design to the true Benefit original.

Using my electric shredder I shredded one of the little benefit brochures to fill each of the drawers to make a bed for the products and to stop them moving about in the drawers. The most rewarding part was placing each beautiful product in each of the drawers, and hey presto finished!


I was pleased with the end result it had taken many hours but was well worth it. I know my daughter will be delighted, all the more so because she will realise I tried to buy her the True Benefit calendar but tried even harder to make one for her of my own!”


Who needs Christmas elves – bravo Beverley! Have you created your own calendar? If so, we’d love to see!

Love and Lashes,

The Digital Darlings