Our Global Beauty Authorities share their #beautysecrets!

As daughter and nieces of founders Jean and Jane Ford, our Global Beauty Authorities, Maggie and Annie know a thing or two about Benefit! We caught up with Maggie to find out how the girls became true Benebabes and to get the lowdown on their fave products growing up.

“Both Annie and I never had this grand plan to join Benefit. It was never spoken about at home like “someday when you girls join the biz….”  In fact I thought I was going to be a doctor and Annie wanted to be an interior designer. Funny how things turn out though!

When we officially started in 2006, Annie worked retail at one of our Boutiques in San Francisco and I worked in the New York area in department stores doing special events.  It was invaluable training for basic selling and really learning about the products and the customers.  We also represent Benefit globally doing everything from PR events, customer events, digital videos, social media…you name it!  Additionally Annie is the Guardian of the Brand DNA which means she makes sure that the core DNA of our brand is upheld across all of the different platforms a person could experience the brand. It’s very important that as we grow, we stay true to who we are and where we came from!

 Annie & Maggie

Growing up surrounded by Benefit goodies was obviously incredible but we definitely had a few faves…

We both adore benetint; it was the first product we were both ever allowed to wear starting around age 11 or 12.  It looks so natural so that’s probably why we were allowed to wear it to school. That was also the year we were allowed to start shaving our legs. benetint and shaving legs… grown up! J

I was also obessed with boo boo zap growing up. I had breakouts as a teenager and the smell of boo boo zap will always remind me of being 13 or 14.

Boo boo zap

Annie was big into hoola in high school (and still is!). Growing up in California you always wanted to look “sunkissed” but never sparkly so this was perfect.”

What were your favourite Benefit products growing up? We’d love to know!

Love and lipstick,

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