Pucker-up Benebabes! How to make those lips kissable this Valentines

Big date this weekend? Want to seal it with a Valentine’s kiss? With the help of our Assistant Trend and Make-Up Artist, Lauren Hogsden, we have the ultimate guide on how to make those lips irresistible! Pucker up gorgeous gals, here we go:

How can we make our lipstick last all night?

We’ve all been there Benebabes, walk out looking liptastic but by the time you reach your gorgeous man, your colour seems to have gotten stage fright! Achieving maximum longevity from your lipstick can be tricky…even more so when using darker tones. So we asked Lauren, what’s a girl to do?

My top tip is to apply a layer of lipstick, then place a piece of tissue over your lips. While holding the tissue in place, take a shear setting powder (agent zero shine will do), sweep over the tissue and repeat. Doing this will insure your lipstick is set and does not move or bleed.
Kissable lip tricks 1
How can we make our lips appear fuller?

Unfortunately some of us gals aren’t blessed with a gorgeous Jolie-style pout. But don’t worry, there’s still hope with some clever shade choices as Lauren explains,

“Choosing a high-shine lipstick is the perfect way to bounce light off your lips and is one of the easiest ways to give the illusion of full, plumped lips. If you have a smaller lip, where possible, steer away from wearing dark shades, as they can dwarf your lips.

Contouring the lips (yes lips) is also a great way to give a little extra oomph this Valentine’s weekend! “Use a well sharpened brown eyeliner (bad gal espresso waterproof eyeliner is perfect) and draw a fine line along your bottom lip to create the illusion of a shadow”. Eyeliner on the lips may seem ludicrous, but as Lauren explains, “it helps to give depth to the bottom lip which in turn makes the lips look fuller – make sure to blend well. Finish by patting a little highlighter (high beam) through the centre of the lip and along the Cupid’s bow for maximum fullness.” 

Unsure of bold lip colour?

Why not try using tinted lip balms, you will still see a fabulous colour but not as impactful as a lipstick. There are many out there, but we LOVE benebalm for a flirty Valentine look.

Beneblam Valentines Trick

How can we care for our lips?

We are not sure about you, but this cold weather has been playing havoc with our lips…we have certainly entered chapped city! By using lip colours packed full of hydrating properties enriched with shea, mango butter and vitamin E is the perfect way to keep chapped lips at bay.

How can we avoid getting lipstick on our teeth?

There is nothing worse than thinking you look like hot stuff, only to check the mirror and see that your teeth have a delightful glisten of colour across them…and WHY does nobody tell you about it?! To avoid this, when applying your lipstick try to avoid the colour going into the inner lip (where the teeth naturally hits the lip). Plus our Lauren has the perfect check, “to ensure no transfer of lip colour onto your teeth – form an O with your mouth around your index finger and slide your finger out of your mouth with a POP!”. Go on Benebabes, give it a go!

How can we wear a lighter lip colour on a naturally darker lip tone? 

Want that gorgeous pinky look, but the colour just won’t translate on your lips? Lauren has the answer, “if you naturally have a high colouring to your lips and want to get a true reflection of your lighter lip colour, a great way to do this is to apply light covering of foundation which will help neutralise your natural lip colour helping to reveal a brighter pigment.”

Lipstick and Foundation Trick


We are taking it off… how to care for lips post lipstick?

Managed to bag a second date? Lauren has it covered, “My top tip for smoother than smooth lips is to pop a little lip balm on then take a small toothbrush and brush your lips in light circular motions to reveal their true, natural beauty.

Who says you can only use lipstick on your lips?

Did you know that there are other products that can be used on your lips to create the perfect kissable chops? Lauren explains,

“A top make- up artist tip and a technique I use often to create a sharp lip line and give the illusion of a fuller lip is to apply a thin layer of concealer around the borderline of the lip! Go for a concealer slightly lighter than your foundation tone.”

 So there we go Benebabes, happy kissing and remember to tag us in any pictures where you use these tricks!

Love and lipstick,

The Digital Darlings xx

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