Bye Bye Blemish!

So there’s a big occasion tonight; you have your outfit ready, nails manicured to perfection with brows waxed and hot to go… but then hang on…. Who’s THIS guy?! Yes, we’ve all been there ladies…you wake up and there’s a big ol’ zit front and centre on your face.

We know hiding those unwanted blemishes isn’t always easy. Sometimes we’ve just had to put up with an unwanted “plus ones” to our special occasions…. Well we’re just not having it anymore! With the help of our assistant trend and make-up artist, Lauren Hogsden, it’s time to say bye-bye to blemishes!

Here are Lauren’s steps so saying hello to pretty party skin:

Step 1

Starting with a clean fresh face lets banish that blemish for good with Boo Boo Zap, this fast acting blemish treatment containing salicylic and glycolic acid helps to dry out the blemishes as well as purify and reduce the appearance of redness & swelling.

 Stage 1

Step 2

Using an oil free lightweight moisturiser (Triple Performing Facial Emulsion) apply to comfort and nourish the skin. Avoiding the blemish, take the time to really work your moisturiser into your skin, providing your skin with a deep layer of moisture.

Stage 2

 Step 3

Apply your foundation. If you are prone to getting breakouts opt for an oil-free foundation such as Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation.

 Stage 3

Step 4

Colour correct with lemon aid. This yellow colour correcting eyelid primer is not only great on the eyelids, it’s also the perfect way to cut redness away from an angry looking blemish.

 Stage 4



Step 5

Select your perfect shade of concealer (boi-ing) using a small brush pinpoint your blemish, then blend edges – With clean hands gently press around the border of the concealer, the warmth of your finger tip will help to diffuse the concealer into the surrounding skin which in turn will give you a seamless finish.

Stage 7



Step 6

Powder and set  – using a eye shadow brush apply a very small amount of powder (Agent Zero Shine) over your blemish, helping to lock down your make up and will also help to provide a soft focus finish to the targeted area. Using a larger powder brush, sweep powder over T-zone to prevent slip and shine and instantly mattify your complexion.

 Stage 8


So there you have it Benebabes, there’s no need to stress! With these steps, we’ve got it covered 😉

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Love and lipstick,

The Digital Darlings xx

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