#lifeatbenefit- Running for Refuge- Part 1

As Monday hits us, and we think about getting back on the fitness bandwagon- how about sparing a thought for that crazy bunch of people out there who are currently in the thick of training for a marathon! This Sunday (26th April), London will be tying their trainer shoe laces, as they play host to the 26 mile course, and some of our Benefit gang are getting stuck in and running for a charity close to our hearts, Refuge!

Over the next week, our Benebabe and resident blogger jogger, Julie Strang (Country Manager, Ireland) will give you an in depth insight into the crazy world of running:

Jogger blogger


“So what do I think about when I run? Actually same thing I think about before I run and after I run…. Will it make me thin? Is my bum any smaller? And can I now have wine. Why is the world so unfair, why can’t we get rewarded on efforts… You see running is all about effort. To be arsed… To get off ones ass quite literally, haul yourself into some Lycra, suck it in and hit the street.

Now I have been a runner for probably 8 years now. I use that term runner loosely, a plodder, one who makes effort, one who is in it for the long haul, one that lives in the hope that one day my reward will come. You know…even to have someone say “you look like a runner” would be progress, never mind “are those your medals?”. You see, I have quite a collection now: 5 marathons, no6 pending and countless half marathons, 10ks  and fun runs; but still not the trophy of being instantly recognisable as a runner!!


Now just as I write, (well rather empty my stream of consciousness) I am sat in the hairdressers having a quick blow dry, thinking why…for 1 days’ worth. You see… I will run again tomorrow, maybe not for long, but It will still take the same amount of effort whether 5 miles or 25 miles. I will still deliberate, pig tails or pony, skins or no skins, Fleetwood Mac or Queen, you see running is all about decisions, and that’s why I love it.

I make many decisions in life. At work I am paid to make them and at home I pay if I don’t make them ‘cause then someone else makes them on my behalf, and it’s not my decision!!! Another reason to love running is that it gives you the headspace to make more complex decisions, well at least  live out the ramifications of getting them wrong, run out the what ifs and feel strong about the what next?

Now, don’t get me wrong, running is also about the physical. I enjoy being strong and fast…no one can do that for you. No amount of money can make you better, faster, stronger than the next man. It’s a leveller , I cannot tell you how excited I was to read that Christy Turlington  (the original Super who just happens to be my age), featured in RED this month saying she is addicted to marathons, and can’t wait to come to London in a few weeks to complete the London Marathon, same one as little old me and young mark, my running buddy and work husband (picture below)! Fact is, she has actually only completed 3 marathons so you see to me… about to rack up my 6th, this makes me super-sized compared to Christy… Hope we can swap top tips at the start line next week. Keep you posted.

Gotta run, hair done, need to enjoy all 6 hours of straight before I start all over again 😉


The team!

Keep an eye out for your next instalment on Wednesday where Julie talks all about why she runs for Refuge!


Love and lipstick,


The Digital Darlings xx

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