#lifeatbenefit- Running for Refuge- Part 2

Did you spot our jogger blogger, Julie’s insight into running marathons on Monday? Well here is Julie’s next instalment, talking all about why she runs for Refuge:

Running for Refuge


“None of us really know fear, not true fear, the type that keeps you up all night , the omnipresent type that makes day merge into night without distinction. The type that actually makes you turn to someone or something you have never met before in a last ditch attempt to be free, to survive, to protect your children. 

I hope I never know this fear, but I know if I do I would be grateful to the support and guidance and protection that Refuge could afford me. 

I run because I can, some woman don’t have that choice, that motivation that luxury to indulge in the solitude of one’s mind , some woman have no choice due to the situations they find themselves in due to domestic abuse which now pervades every thought and action of every day. Refuge is an organisation that offers some form of immediate structure and support to these woman and children who need protection, who guidance on how to fight back and in some cases  escape To the life they and their children deserve.” 

As a mother I have always felt passionately about looking after children in particular who are in less fortunate circumstances than my son, and I actually ran my first 2 marathons for childline. However, once I became aware of the work that refuge does, I knew I wanted to do what I could to  help in some small way. 

Running allows me to fundraise, to support in some small way the fears and help offer some protection to those who have no choice.” 

Want to show your support for Julie and the team? The Benebabes will be there in London on Sunday, so pop by and say hello!

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