#lifeatbenefit- Running for Refuge- Part 3

The London Marathon is right around the corner now gorgeous Benebabes! Will any of you be there to show your support? Here, our blogger jogger Julie gives her final instalment of her thoughts on running:

“Right so here’s the thing…. You kinda know when something means more to someone than they let on! Often I roll my eyes say when a super skinny gorgeous friend , well attachment, not sure I want a super skinny friend, especially one that doesn’t have to run in the rain and gale like me just to fit into my anything but skinny jeans! Well bear with me, she says “oh I don’t really use anything special on my skin,” yet knows the latest product release in ever premium brand! Well in my book that’s more than a mild interest. If someone says “I’m not obsessive about the gym”, then can’t meet you any night of the week unless it fits around, kettle bells, yoga, yet when you manage to high jack them into a night off can still recite the circuits timetable after 3 x  250 ml of wine – if that’s not  obsessive I don’t know what is . Usually I’m thinking “get a grip, get a life, sort it out” yet I must confess there has been times I actually think this to myself  about myself and my running.

  You see I have, on several occasions, found myself either without actual appropriate clothes or even shoes to wear. Not that I don’t have them, I love clothes and shoes but also I love the feeling running gives me. I have, on more than one occasion, been carried away about a work trip and the opportunity it presents to run. I have consciously packed 5 sets of running gear, complete with emergency supplies for all weather conditions and actively counted out how many mornings or eves the trip presented to run.  

 You see running helps my work, I even run with my work buddies, regardless of sex , age or status. You see running has many similarities to domestic abuse, it doesn’t discriminate…. It can be done by all as abuse can be done onto all. It’s sad, unless you understand the intricacies, the needs on many levels operating behind the scenes it’s easy to make judgements.”


 So there we have it! We hope you have enjoyed Julie’s rambling! Are you inspired to take up running? Tweet us @benefitUK.

Happy running!

Love and lipstick,

The Digital Darlings xx

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