My Benejourney: Jared Bailey

Hey beauties, guess who we’ve managed to pin down for an insight into their Benejourney this time around? It’s only our Global Brow Authority, Jared Bailey! Yes the GLOBAL brow expert here at Benefit Cosmetics. Here we go gals:

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Could you explain to us what your job is here at Benefit?

I’m International Spokesperson & Global Brow Expert for Benefit Cosmetics (just try and fit that on a business card).  My job is really two-fold… As the Global Brow Expert I get to collaborate with nearly every internal team at Benefit Cosmetics  (think Product Innovation, Digital, Education, Sales, Strategy, Global Services) and share a wide perspective on global brow trends, shaping techniques, and Benefit Brow Standards.

Ready for the really fun part?  The other half of my job is spent as the International Spokesperson for Services.  I quite literally get to travel the world and work with Beauty & Fashion editors, Bloggers, Vloggers, Influencers and some (not to be mentioned) VIP’s (sorry ladies, I never wax and tell) to help them better understand the power and importance of eyebrows.  Sometimes that’s done through 1-1 workshops or editorial photo shoots, and other times it’s done on larger scale press events in front of hundreds of people.

Jared Bailey

 What’s the best part of your job?

People.  By nature I’m just a curious boy and there is nothing I love more than meeting a stranger.  Whether they are a woman visiting our BrowBar or a Beauty Editor that I’ve never met before- I’m always up for meeting someone new.  Yes, I’m THAT guy on the plane.

 What did you before working at Benefit?

Believe it or not I had a completely different career before diving head first into brows & beauty.  A long, long, long, long time ago  (ok not that long) I was a business writer in print journalism.

 How did you get a job at Benefit?

After I quitting my job at the newspaper, I moved to Chicago to sort of just start a new life.  I knew I didn’t want to be in journalism anymore so I decided I would move to a new city and reinvent my life.  My only goal was to find a job that actually made me happy… because in journalism, I wasn’t.   After moving to Chicago I got a job bartending and met a gal there who worked at Benefit.  She totally embraced the Benefit motto, “Laughter is the best cosmetic…”.  After a few months I slowly transitioned my job and my life… from an actual bar to a job and a life at a BrowBar.

 How has your career progressed at Benefit, where did you start, where are you now? 

I started my Bene-life as a part-time Beauty Artist in the first Chicago Benefit Boutique.  After being recruited from an actual bar I spent months and months learning everything I could about beauty, makeup and the art of the quick fix.  Let’s just say I had a knack for makeup!  I was really inspired by the way it could transform the way women looked, but also by the way it made them FEEL. 

Within the first 3 years of my career I slowly started rising up through the beauty ranks with Benefit.  I went from part-time Beauty Artist, to full time, to Assistant Boutique Proprietor to Boutique Proprietor. 

 And somewhere along that way I went to school and became a US licensed Aethetician.  As I said before, the transformation was what was so intriguing to me… and there was no better transformation than that of the eyebrow my friend!

 After 3 years working in sales I became the head of our US Boutique Education Program & the Manager of Business Development.  There I created an entire training program based around Instant beauty & services.  I also spent a lot of time investigating new services and piloting new concept stores for the US Benefit Boutiques.  

 And finally, nearly a decade into my career at Benefit, I became the International Spokesperson & Global Brow Expert.  I know it’s hard to believe right cause I look so young?  Well I said NEARLY a decade.

How long have you worked your magic on brows?

For as long as I can remember…If my own brows actually count.  More seriously, I’ve been doing brows in one form or another throughout my entire Benefit Career.

How many brows have you perfected?

I look back now and I WISH I had kept score.  Asking a Global Brow Expert how many brows I’ve perfected is like asking someone else how many breaths they’ve taken… it’s just something we do!

I have perfected brows all around the world… from San Francisco to Sydney and Shanghai to Seoul.  In fact, I’ve spread my brow love in over 28 countries in the last 2 years alone!

Jared Bailey


So there you go beauties! Who would you like to find out about next?

Love and lipstick,

The Digital Darlings xx

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