Mix it up with sunbeam

So we don’t know about you Benebabes, but this weather is just just driving us insane! It is so hit and miss… we just want to the sun to stay already! Well this week our lovely assistant trend and make-up artist Lauren Hogsden tells us how to make the sun always shine when you have sunbeam to hand. Over to you Lauren…

Do you want to be as gorgeous as Edward Cullen from the film Twilight !? You know, when he steps out of the shade into the sun.  Isabella Swan ” your skin It’s like diamonds…you’re beautiful”.  I know I do …. Haha !

sun beam xx

 Well why not give Sunbeam a chance to brighten up your day. This stunning liquid golden bronze highlighter gives you a sun-kissed radiance! It’s the perfect way to lift the highest points of your face, enhancing your bone structure.  Dot & blend over makeup on to cheeks, brow bones & even the bridge of the nose. Finish your look with a little bronzer and blush.



 Sunbeam doesn’t just stop there, mix it up and give your makeup look a little extra brightening lift, for a dewy radiance that will turn heads as you walk into a room. Add three drops of sunbeam highlighter to your foundation, mix and place onto your skin using a foundation brush working from the centre of the face out. Your skin will beam with soft golden elegance as Sunbeam lights up you complexion.


Iv got one more for you, you have just got to try this one out ladies ! Take your favourite lipstick and give it a little love and excitement. Start by removing a little layer of lip colour from your lipstick, a good tool to do this with is a hair pin, then pop the decanted lip colour onto the back of your hand, add a drop of Sunbeam and  give it a little mix with a lip brush. 








It’s now time to place onto your lips and marvel over your new metallic lipstick. Oh I just love it ! Hope you do too?!


We hope you enjoy, beauties ! Would love to see your summer sunbeam looks! Just tweet @lauren_benefit with the hashtag #learnwithlauren

Love and lipstick,

The Digital Darlings xx

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