10 AWKWARD things we’re guilty of doing on our first kiss

In case you didn’t know Benebabes, this Friday (19th June) is “National Kissing Day” – so naturally here at Benetowers we came on to the topic of discussing our first kiss. To be honest, the conversation offered so many LOLs that we just had to share! Come on gals… let us know if you’re guilty of this too:

First kiss

1/ It’s a BIG deal… so obviously this requires an audience! Therefore there was no shame in having a crowd of 10 people to watch your first kiss.

2/ Approximately 3 minutes after your first kiss you OBVIOUSLY scarpered away to text your friends on your Nokia 3310…you know… to let those gals know who couldn’t attend.

3/ You were quite disappointed to find out that your leg didn’t automatically flick up like it does in the films.

4/ Upon reflection you wonder if kissing is meant to be that sloppy (gross we know).

5/ After your first kiss you suddenly feel like you’ve graduated into being a love god… you smile for a good 3 days after, but feel too embarrassed to tell your parents why.

6/ OBVIOUSLY this is the guy that you are going to marry and live happily ever after with… nothing will break you guys up for ever and ever… until you discovered him kissing your mate behind the school maths block.

7/ Kissing was generally referred to as “getting in with…, getting on…,” who says romance is dead?!

8/ Nobody told you about where to put those hands! While in your head you are having a loving embrace, the reality is your arms ended up resembling a rusty robot. Totes awks.

9/ GUM…where did it go!? Yes you were prepared so had a lovely minty breath, but it seemed to have gone missing in the process…

10/ Finally… there is a 90% chance that you missed. You went for cheek, he went for lips and then you tried again only to do this opposite! But don’t worry. Next time you will totally nail it!

Love & lipstick,

The Digital Darlings xx

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