10 Toys We Secretly Wish Were Still Around Today!

Here in Benetowers we have been reliving our youth and reminiscing over those toys that we secretly wish we could still get away with playing with today! Get ready for the ultimate throwback, Benebabes:


1/ Aliens…you know the ones that came in an egg and were surrounded in goo! They gave you that feeling of responsibility… this alien really was like your child! And then there was THAT rumour that they could breed! So next thing you know, you were putting your little alien back to back with your friend’s/ brother’s/ sister’s alien and wrapping it with the (now slightly furry) goo. Well 10 years on and that little bundle has STILL not given birth. Oh the disappointment. 

2/ Now this one still sends shivers down our spines, because we still can’t forgive that person at school who ruined the fun for EVERYONE. We are talking about that person who stole the shinies out of our workbook trays and got them banned! Yes, we are talking about the one and only Pokemon cards! And can you remember the excitement of saving up your pocket money and purchasing a packet, just PREYING that you will get that one shiny card that you need to complete your set! *sighs* maybe next time.

3/Beanie Babies. OBVIOUSLY you had to keep all of the lables on because one day…just one day you WILL get rich from selling your collection of 300 of the little bean toys. Well we don’t know about you, but we are still waiting for our cheque!

4/ Yo-yos…and oh how you envied that kid with the one that lights up, AND they could do the “walk the dog” trick.

5/ We will give you a clue for this one “cockadoodoodledoo hehehe”… FURBIES! It was all fun and games until you were trying to sleep and that thing just WOULDN’T shut up!

6/ Bop it! probably the most frustrating game in the world.

7/ Mr Frosty Ice Maker- to be fair we would still pay good money for this now  (maybe with a little vodka/ sloe gin instead! Ha).

8/ The early days of gaming brought us the iconic Nintendo 64 and Play Station. This was really the time that we developed into mature young adults with our favourite games: Mario Kart, Smack down Vs. Raw, GoldenEye, Banjo-Kazooie and 1080 Snowboarding. Sorry but COD, The Sims and Fifa just don’t cut it for us now 😉

9/ Tamagotchis were just about the BEST things ever invented, until you forgot to feed it for a day and it died before you really had the chance to bond. RIP.

10/ Potato Head kids, mini wildlife teddies, mini sky dancers, Space Jam toys… we are talking about HAPPY MEAL toys… in general…they used to be awesome! Then things got really serious when you could choose between the girls and boys option… the decision was just all too much, so you would just have to hope and prey that if you fluttered your eye lashes enough, the nice guy behind the counter would give you both!

Ahhhhh… now we are off to our big adult meeting… BOOOOOOOO!

Love & lipstick,

The Digital Darlings xx

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