10 summer problems nobody wants to talk about


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How gorgeous is this weather? It’s so amazing being able to stroll around chirpily in the sun, drink Pimm’s and have a BBQ! But listen up ladies, here at Benefit Cosmetics, we like to keep it real 😉 And yes, there are certain things us girls secretly HATE about summer- but don’t worry, we’ll grin and wear it and we can secretly share and confess our woes here 😉

1/ We are ALL about that summer body, but here in the UK we just don’t get any warning. You wake up one day and BANG – there is that sun is in full flow…and all of a sudden you regret having that second doughnut last night when you can find NOTHING that fits/hides your food baby.

2/ When the sun comes out and your body is not prepared you have to think about straps! Yes, your new pretty top may have a fantastically fancy strap design, but when you are left with that tan line for the rest of the year – you quite swiftly regret wearing it on the first day of summer.

3/ Now sorry to literally lower the tone here ladies, because we know that this subject doesn’t get spoken about much…but something we LOATHE happens between the thighs. Yes we are talking about chaffing! Erghhhhh, how do you explain to your friends that you would love to have a thigh gap – not for aesthetic reasons, weight loss or anything, but to stop you walking like a penguin when wearing a skirt for the day because it is just TOO painful once that pesky skin starts rubbing. And THEN you’re left with red blotchy skin there for a week! Cheers summer.

4/ A gal needs sleep… quiet sleep! So when the only options are to be a) unable to sleep because you are too hot, or  b) unable to sleep because your fan is just too blimmin’ noisy you start to get grouchy…VERY GROUCHY!

5/ You’re half way through your Game of Thrones/Orange is the New Black/Breaking Bad box set, but suddenly it is frowned upon to sit inside in the evenings after work and watch 4 hours of TV in a row. One must go outside and enjoy the sun… BORE OFF.

6/ The sun is out, and the wedding season is upon us. So now is also the time to take out a small loan to pay for all those wedding gifts for people you barely know.

7/ Offices come in two extremes. Either there is NO aircon so you are roasting all day and need to shower every 10 minutes, or you’re office is so impressed with the air con system you have to bring 3 jumpers to work to keep warm during the heat wave.

8/ Sweat patches – nobody got time for them.

9/ You get in to your car and it feels like you’re instantly going to melt. Or literally burn yourself on the steering wheel. OUCH.

10/ Hair frizz, leg shaving, pedicures… beauty regimes get out of hand in summer. Can we go back to wearing boots, jeans and jumpers please?

But anyway ladies, let’s keep it between us and pretend summer is THE BEST THING EVER 😉

Happy summer!

Love and lipstick,

The Digital Darlings xx

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