10 signs you’re a beauty addict

Not only are our hands up… they’re waving around frantically, we’re jumping up and down and twirling a baton…yes, us Benebabes are truly guilty of being beauty addicts! And sorry beauties, but if you suffer with any of the below symptoms, then you probably are too. Don’t worry, the first stage of accepting it, is admitting it 😉



1. You buy a whole new outfit just to match your new lipstick. 

2. “Popping into Boots” is not in your vocabulary. You end up spending AT LEAST half an hour down the beauty isle.

3. You Tube is your best friend, so you end up watching more makeup tutorials than you do TV. Either that, or you are pinning to your beauty board on Pinterest!

4. Your dream job would be to play with makeup all day…and get paid a shed load of money for it (and free makeup obvs)!

5. Swapping make-up with your friends happens on the regular. You try theirs without thinking but your blood boils when they use your lipstick the wrong way round and ruin the design!

6. You are a beauty “early adopter”. With that you have genuinely considered queuing up outside a store at some point in your life, just so you can be one of the first people to own that new range from your favourite beauty brand.

7. At some point, you have hacked off your parents/ landlord/ housemates for the amount of makeup that has stained white furniture.

8. You need to buy ANOTHER Alex storage unit from Ikea to house all your products.

9. You’ve screen-shotted and saved pics of all the new releases you’ve seen on your fave blogger’s Instagram page.

10. Yes, when people ask, you DO need 12 mascaras, six concealers, seven highlighters, 42 lipsticks, four foundations, 8 bronzers, five setting powders, 18 lip glosses, 41 nail polishes, three curling irons, six beauty blenders….

Don’t worry though beauties, we will get through it together 😉

Love & Lipstick,

The Digital Darlings xx




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